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Tom Quinn Celebrity Life

Tom Quinn is a director, writer cinematographer and special effects artist based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He gained recognition for his debut directorial full-length feature, 2008 film 'The New Year Parade'.

Having gained the title of Program Director in Visual Effects (particularly VFX) from alma mater Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, Quinn's list of movies is small but remarkable. He has directed three movies, namely short film 'Via Bicycles' in 2006, full-length feature debut 'The New Year Parade' in 2008, and 'Colewell' in 2018.

Famous Work

He has worked as a cinematographer for 6 films, including of course 'The New Year Parade' and 'Via Bicycles' but also movies such as 'Derailed' in 2008 and the video short film 'Controlled Burn' in 2011. However, he is most famous and recognized for his work in Visual Effects, having worked on films such as 'Let Me In' in 2010, 'I Am Number Four' in 2011, 'Safety Not Guaranteed' in 2012, 'Safe', 'Lawless' and 'Chernobyl Diaries', all movies he worked on in 2012.

Tom Quinn Background Check
Career and Professional Life

Quinn started his career in the film industry as a camera assistant for Sam Levy. Eventually, he started making films on his own. His full-length feature debut 'The New Year Parade' was released in 2008 and got a lot of critical acclaims. He won the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance, the film festival. He was also nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for the same film, as well as a Gotham Award. Quinn was also listed in Filmmaker Magazine's article, "25 New Faces of Independent Film" for his work on 'The New Year Parade'. He was also named one of the "Ten Young Writer-Directors to Watch" by Moviemaker for the same.

About 'Colewell'

His latest film, 'Colewell', released for film festivals in 2018. The Biennale College - Cinema developed 'Colewell' alongside him. He was featured in another Filmmaker Magazine article for this film; "50 Most Anticipated American Films of 2019." He contributes as Program Director at Drexel University's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design and was interviewed in the Faculty Focus section of the Drexel University website. In the interview, he talks about his inspiration behind 'Colewell'.

Having been released in 2019 for theaters, 'Colewell' is a Slice of Life movie about small-town postmaster Nora, played by legendary actress Karen Allen, who is most famous for playing the character of Marion Ravenwood in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', opposite Harrison Ford, who played Indiana Jones. She later also returned to her acclaimed role for 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.

Tom Quinn Public Records

In the film 'Colewell', Karen Allen plays Nora, a postmaster in a small town called Coleville. When the United States Postal Service (USPS) closes down the office in Coleville, Nora is faced with the choice between retirement and moving out of her hometown for a different position in another town.

Inspiration Behind 'Colewell'

Talking about his inspiration for 'Colewell', Quinn says in his Faculty Focus interview: "I was at a friend's house, and there was an agricultural map on the wall...he had it was because the town where he grew up is no longer on the map because they lost their post office...he started talking about the woman who ran their post office out of a twin home, and when she retired, the town lost its identity. I thought those two things being intertwined is really interesting." He added, "...We go to the post office, we get stamps, we kinda hate being there. When you go to these communities that rely on it in a different start to understand...It's usually just this one place where people see each other..."

Tom Quinn was nominated for a Jury Award in the category "Best Competition Narrative" in the 2019 Bentonville Film Festival for 'Colewell', as well as a John Cassavetes Award in the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

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