Vontae Ottis Davis Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Charry A.

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Vontae Ottis Davis Celebrity Life

Davis was born on 27th May 1998. He was a successful American player in the National Football League. Some of the teams that he played for include Buffalo Bills, Dolphins, and Indianapolis.

His football career began in college when he played for the Illinois college football. Dolphins drafted him during the National Football League 2009 draft.

He retired from the National Football League after the 2018 season. During his career, Davis made two Pro Bowls.


Davis Early Years

Vontae Ottis joined Dunbar high school in Washington Dc, where he excelled in track and football. He took a wide receiver and a comeback position in football. Following his last season in high school, Davis achieved eight interceptions and 38 tackles.

He received several recognitions and awards, including Gatorade player of the year, Washington post-first-team All-Metro, Pre-start all American, and DCIAA West first-team All-Conference. He also took part in the track activities, including sprinting.

Vontae Ottis Davis Background Check
Davis took the first position in the district sprinting competition and attained 10.97 per 100meaters as his personal best.

He also recorded 22.78 seconds in the 200-meter dash competition. Following his success, the Rivals.com considered him as a three-star recruit.

Although Davis received scholarships to join different universities, he chose to join Illinois.

He immediately started playing for Illinois as a freshman and recorded one intercept and 30 tackles.

Following his success, he was recognized by the revils.com, Scouts.com, and the sporting News.

He also recorded 56 tackles and four interceptions during the 2007 season. Afterward, Davis decided to forgo the senior season with the anticipation of joining NFL Draft of 2009.


Davis’ Professional Career

Davis was drafted to join the Scouting Combine of the National Football League. He successfully finished his training, including all of the combine and positional drills.

He also chose to attend the Illinois Pro-day, where he performed most of the combined drills. Davis took the best position after the NFL training and drills.

DraftScout.com recognized him as the best Cornerback and gave him the third position. He was then selected by the Miami Dolphins during the National Football League first draft. He took the second cornerback position after Malcolm Jenkins.

On 31st July 2009, Davis signed a five-year contract worth $10.25 with the Miami Dolphins. During the training camp, he competed for the starting cornerback position against Sean Smith and Eric Green.

However, Davis was defeated by his colleagues before the beginning of the regular season.

Background Check Vontae Ottis Davis
During the Miami Dolphins season opener, Davis made his professional regular-season debut. He officially started his career on 1st November 2009 when his colleague Will Allen was injured.

He attained two pass deflections and seven combined tackles at the New York Jets. Davis was identified by the Pro-football weekly on its annual All-Rookie team.

During the 2010 season, Davis participated in the season opener of the Miami Dolphins at the Buffalo Bills and attained one deflected pass and two solo tackles.

After two weeks, Davis had recorded one interception, six tackles, and two pass deflections. He finished the 2010 season with a record of 15 starts, one interception in 16 games, 46 tackles and 12 deflections.

At the beginning of the 2011 season, Davis was retained in the team and took the starting cornerback position.

He participated in the season opener of the Miami Dolphins and completed with four combined tackles. He successfully completed the 2011 season with 12 starts, one sack in 12 games, nine pass deflections,39 tackles, and four interceptions.

At the beginning of the 2012 season, Davis was defeated by his opponents Sen Smith and was demoted. He joined the Indianapolis Colts for a $39 million contract.

Davis later joined the Buffalo Bills on a $3.5 million contract for a one-year contract.

However, he announced an abrupt retirement stating that football was not meant for him during his game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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