Walter Payton Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Roni G.

Walter Payton Background Check, Walter Payton Public Records

Walter Payton Celebrity Life

Walter Payton, born on July 25, 1953, and died on 1st November 1999, was a former professional player in the NFL playing for the team Chicago Bears. During his career, Payton participated in the Pro Bowls 9 times and was once recognized as the most valuable player in the Pro Bowl. He kept the NFL records for the number of takeaway yards, touchdowns, scrimmages, and a lot of other categories.

 His eight passes ending in touchdowns are an NFL record for non-quarterback players. In 1993, he was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame member and player & coach Mike Ditka called Walter as not only the greatest player he’d ever seen but even a better human being.

Walter began his career as a football player in Mississippi, & later became an outstanding player at Jackson State University. Here he joined the All-American team. In 1975, he was selected at the NFL draft by the Chicago Bears Club in the first round under number four. In 1985, Payton, with the team, won the Super Bowl XX, and he himself became the most valuable NFL player.

On November 1, 1999, Payton died at the age of 45 from a rare disease- cholangiocarcinoma.

Walter Payton Background Check
Early Life

Walter Payton was born July 25, 1953, in Columbia (Mississippi) and was one of 3 children in the family of Peter and Eileen Payton. His father worked at a factory and played baseball at a semi-professional level. As a child, Walter took an active part in the Boy Scout movement, played in the Little League, & also attended the local church.

While studying at John Jefferson’s school, he played the drum in a marching band, was a member of the track and field team and also used to sing in the school’s choir. Outside of the school, he played in a jazz-rock band.

Walter’s brother Eddie was a member of the American football team. Payton himself didn’t play football, partly because of his reluctance to compete with his brother.

After Eddie had graduated from school, the coach of the football team asked Walter to join his team. Walter agreed on the requirement that he continue to play in the orchestra.


Walter immediately achieved great success in the running back position. With his height of 178 cm, he wasn’t a particularly large player, but thanks to his strength and speed, he became one of the key players in the team.

In the same years, his school was combined with Columbia High School and their head coach in the united team became just an assistant.

This rearrangement greatly upset the players, and Payton himself snubbed a number of the spring training sessions in protest but later returned to the team in the fall.

Thanks to his outstanding game, Colombia showed the result of the season 8-2, and Walter himself received many awards, including the inclusion in the state team. His performances also played a role in reducing social tensions associated with desegregation.

Walter Payton Public Records  

Payton kept the NFL record for the number of career rushing yards and all-purpose yards until the 2002 season when Emmitt Smith managed to break these records.

Until 2000, he also held the record for the longest run of 58 yards until Corey Dillon surpassed his achievement. Payton was the league leader in take-away and touchdown yards in the 1977 season.

At the end of the 2013 season, he ranked second in the history of the NFL in terms of takeaway yards and fourth place in touchdowns made on takeaway.

Together with Frank Gifford, Payton threw six goals that were intercepted, which is a record for NFL players who are not in the quarterback position. He also managed to make eight passes, which ended in touchdowns.

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