Wesley Matthews Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Wesley Matthews Background Check, Wesley Matthews Public Records

Wesley Matthews Celebrity Life

Wesley Matthews Jr is a basketball player who was born on 14th October 1986. He plays for Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA (National Basketball Association). Born to an ex-NBA basketball player Wes Matthews, Wesley Matthews Jr played basketball in college for the Marquette Golden Eagles. His mother, Pam Moore, was a basketball player and a runner as well.

Matthew’s College Career

Though Matthew was pressured to play basketball for the University of Wisconsin-Madison like his father had, he chose to go to Marquette University. He made this decision after being chosen as Mr. Basketball for the Wisconsin state back in 2005 while he was attending James Madison Memorial.

Wesley was a part of the “three amigos,” which composed of Jerel McNeal, Dominic James, and Matthews himself. From the first year of college, the trio started almost every basketball game together. In December 2005, he scored thirteen rebounds in a 48 point win against Lewis Flyers, a Division 2 opponent.

Wesley Matthews Background Check
In a game that took place in December 2008, Wesley Matthews scored his career-high mark of 30 points against the Tennessee Volunteers. In that game, Matthews made fifteen of a total eighteen free throws. Later in 2009, he recorded a new field goal accuracy in an 81-76 victory played against Rutgers.

Professional Career of Wesley Matthews

2009 - 2010

Wesley went undrafted in the NBA draft of 2009. He then joined Utah Jazz for the Sacramento Kings and Orlando Summer League for the Las Vegas Summer League. Later in September of 2009, Matthews signed a contract (one year) with Jazz. He was selected as the team’s starting shooting guard by coach Jerry Sloan in 2010. In June 2010, Matthews was made a restricted free agent by the Jazz.


2010 – 2015

In July 2010, Matthews signed a $34 million contract with the Trail Blazers. In Matthew’s first game season with Portland, he averaged 15.9 points per game. His 3-point shot went up from 38% to 41%. Wesley Matthews acquired a spot in Blazer’s starting line-up after Brandon Roy started missing time because of his knee issues.

Matthews played in about whopping 250 NBA games consecutively before he was asked to step out of a game in 2012, owing to his left hip injury. He earned the title “Iron Man” because of his ability to play games despite suffering from minor injuries and pain. This title is still used by several TV and radio commentators, and his fans.

Wesley Matthews Public Records  
In November 2013, Matthews got himself involved in an altercation in a game against Golden State Warriors. He had scored 23 points in about 25 minutes of action before he left the game. He was later fined $20000. In a game played against the Dallas Mavericks in 2015, he got his left Achilles tendon torn and was removed from the season thereafter.

2015 – 2019

Wesley Matthews signed a 4-year contract with Dallas Mavericks on 9th July 2019. In 2015, Matthews scored 28 points of his 36 points (season-high score) in the second part of the Mavericks’ 116–104 victory against Washington Wizards. In a game against San Antonio Spurs in 2016, he scored 26 points (season-high) in a 94-87 loss.

Later in November 2017, Wesley Matthews scored twenty-two points in a whopping 111–79 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2018, he came to be the seventh Dallas player who hit 500 three-pointers. In 2019, Matthews came to be the sixth basketball player in the history of Mavericks’ for scoring 600 three-pointers.

In February 2019, the Knicks waived Wesley Matthews. In the month of July 2019, he signed with Milwaukee Bucks.

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