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by Kelly G.

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William Hayes Celebrity Life

William Hayes was born in High Point, North Carolina, on the 2nd of May 1985. He did his high school in T. Wingate Andrews High School and graduated in 2003.

During his school years, he played for the mid-state 2A team of the Raiders.

College Career

Initially, he got red-shirted by Barber-Scotia College. Unfortunately, the college had lost its accreditation. Fortunately for Hayes, he was red-shirted by Winston-Salem State.

During his second season (2004), he scored eight tackles in total. Out of these, three were solo tackles, and five were assisted tackles.

During that season, he maintained a tackle for a one-yard loss. Also, he managed to break-up one pass. He played five games for them during this season, out of which he was among the starters for two.
In the 2005 season, he took part in three games, and out of these three, he was a part of the starting lineup for two. That season he made a total of seven tackles.

Four of these tackles came for the loss of five yards. Hayes improved his game significantly, and during the 2006 season, he played in all the 11 games of the season.

He was among their top players when it came to defenses. He was in the starting lineup for nine of these 11 games.

William Hayes Background Check

During this season, he made 57 tackles out of which 25 were solo tackles. The ratio of tackles per loss was 13 to 1. During this season, he managed to include four pass breakups and an interception.

Also, he was a part of two quarterback hurries and helped in making two fumbles recoveries. He led the team when it came to the number of sacks (6.5 yards).

During the 2007 season, he was part of the starting lineup for all 11 games, and he made 78 tackles during that season.

His number of solo tackles and assisted tackles for that season was 46, and 32 respectively. The number of tackles he made for a loss was 19, and he was the team leader with 8.5 sacks.
When it came to forcing fumbles in the opposition team, Hayes had forced seven fumbles. He had helped his team recover from four such fumbles.

The number of touchdowns he made was two, and one of them came from a recovered fumble. When it came to hurries against opposing quarterbacks, Hayes managed to do it 12 times. Also, during this season, he was able to break passes three times.

Professional Career

Hayes played as a professional for the Wake Forest University after graduating. While playing there, he did a 40-yard dash within 4.59. seconds.

This achievement helped improve his drafting chances. In 2008 the Titans drafted him during the fourth round. They game a minimum salary contract that lasted for four years.

The bonus amount they gave him for signing with them was 500,000 dollars.
William Hayes Public Records  

Hayes started as a reserve defense player during his rookie season. During that time he managed to make 13 tackles. In addition to that, he also managed to make a sack.

Only after Jevon Kearse was benched by team coach Jeff Fisher did he become a starter. He played for them till 2011.

In 2012, he joined the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams. On the 6th of April 2012, he signed a one year contract with them.

He played a part in their Rams nickel defense for that year and managed to secure the third spot in the team when it came to the number of sacks.

The following year he signed a three-year contract for 10.5 million dollars. The contract included 5.75 million dollars in guarantees. The Rams renewed the three contract with Hayes in 2016 for 21 million dollars.

In 2017 the Rams traded him and a seventh-round draft of their for a sixth-round draft of Dolphins. Hayes got into the injured reserve thanks to a back injury.

The Dolphins extended his contract for one year. However, while sacking Derek Carr (Raider quarterback), he tore his ACL. This happened during the third week, and he did not play for the rest of the season. He retired after that season.

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