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Willie Upshaw Background Check, Willie Upshaw Public Records

Willie Upshaw Celebrity Life

Willie Upshaw was born on 27 April in 1957 in Blanco, Texas as Willie Clay Upshaw and finished his schooling in Blanco (TX) HS. He was a major league baseball player who held first base position. He initially played for Toronto Blue Jays. This was divided into 2 stints. The first was in 1978 and the second was between 1980-87.

After that, he played for one season for Cleveland Indians. He played for both teams in the American League. After retiring from the major league he played for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks. This stint lasted for two seasons.


Baseball career

 In the beginning, Upshaw got drafted into New York Yankees during the fifth round of the 1975 draft. However, he did not play for them. Instead, he got drafted into the Toronto Blue Jays after the 1977 season. This was thanks to the Rule 5 draft rule. He became a regular first-baseman player for the Blue Jays in 1982.

He leads the team in terms of not only home runs but also extra-base hits and RBI. His home runs and RBI for that year were 21 and 75 respectively. The following year he was the first player for the Blue Jays to score an RBI of 100 in a season.

Willie Upshaw Background Check
He also drove 104 runs and maintained a batting average of .306. He continued to play for the Blue Jays till 1987. During this period he stole 23 bases in1986 which placed him 18th position in the American League. His slugging percentage was highest in 1983 which was .515 and that placed him at the sixth position in the American League that year.

The same year he got his highest on-base plus slugging percentage. That was .887 and it placed him at sixth position in the American League. 1983 was the year he managed the highest position in the American League. The only exception was the fifth position in the American league for triples which he got in 1984. This he got for third base.


Before the 1988 season could begin, the Cleveland Indians managed to buy his contract. He played for them for one season before retiring. When he retired he was a leader in both home runs hit and RBI scored for a player who had surnames beginning with U. His home run record was 123 and his RBI record was 528.

Upshaw spent two seasons playing baseball for the Japanese team Fukuoka Daiei Hawks. He worked as the manager for Bridgeport Bluefish for eight seasons. His tenure was divided into two stints. The first was from 1998-2000 and the second was from 2010-2014. He also managed half a season for them in 2009 when they then-manager Tommy John submitted his resignation midway of the 2009 season.

Willie Upshaw Public Records
In between these stints he also worked for San Francisco Giants as their first base coach. It was during that season that Barry Bonds managed to break the career home run record set by Hank Aaron. He was the first person to give him a high-five as Bond circled the bases.

During his tenure as the manager for the Bridgeport Bluefish made four playoffs. The first three were between 1998-2000 and the third was in 2010. The team also made three appearances in Atlantic League Championship Series. The first two were between 1998 and 1999, while the third was in 2010. He was there when they won the lone league championship in 1999. Besides that, he also won the league manager of the year two times. The first was in 1998 and the second was in 2010.

Upshaw is related to two NFL players. The first is Gene Upshaw who was an NFL Hall of Fame Guard and the second was Marvin Upshaw who was a former NFL defensive linesman.

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