Yao Ming Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Yao Ming Background Check, Yao Ming Public Records

Yao Ming Celebrity Life

Yao Ming who belongs to China is one of the celebrity basketball players who grabbed the attention of masses after joining Houston Rockets in 2002.

He is also the first overall athlete to have the distinction of becoming the top draft pick in the NBA or National Basketball League. The player has a height of 7 feet and 5 inches and yet is surprisingly fast and a graceful basketball player.

He has had an incredible fan following among the masses, as well as among the sportswriters and yet is considered to a likable, modest, and highly humble player. Also, he is the first Chinese athlete who achieved celebrity status internationally.


Childhood and Early Years

Born on 12th September 1980, this NBA star’s birthplace is in Shanghai, which is China’s largest city. Yao happens to be the name of his family while Ming is the name given to him.

He weighed 10 pounds at birth and was the only child of his parents. His parents were also quite tall themselves. His mother was a national team player in China in the seventies.

Yao Ming Background Check
He had quite a healthy diet while he grew up and always seemed to be hungry. When he reached his 3rd grade, he had a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. He was soon noticed by several local sports officials. As a result, the NBA star was selected to participate in one of the city’s local sports school.

Initially, Yao Ming did not show much of an interest in any kind of sport including basketball. Rather, he showed fondness towards books written about military history.

Additionally, the player could narrate details of age-old wars from the past of China. When was in the 6th-grade, he became taller than even his mom.

 Just 3 years afterward, his height surpassed his dad’s impressive height. During the same year, while he was in the 9th grade, he entered into an agreement with a youth team based in Shanghai.

Yao Ming was only 17-year-old when he emerged as the star player of the Shanghai Sharks when it was in its 1st full season.

NBA Career

The player happened to be one of the many new players from overseas who entered into a contract with the US teams in the NBA draft of 2002. While Yao was the 1st to be chosen as the no 1 pick in the NBA draft, he was one of a group of players such as Argentina’s Luis Scola, Slovania’s Nachbar, and Maybyner "Nene" Hilario, the star basketball player of Brazil- all of them extremely talented foreign players.

Out of the 57 players who were picked up in that draft, 16 players were from foreign teams, which was a new league record.

Yao Ming Public Records  

Once Yao entered the NBA draft of 2002, the CBA gave the nod to release the player from his agreement in lieu of a portion of his salary in NBA. Yao was the 1st choice for the Houston Rockets as their center player.

He entered into a 4-year contract worth 18 million USD with the Rockets and agreed to give away 5 percent of this salary to the CBA. Yao also had the distinction of becoming the no 1 draft pick to be absorbed from the ranks of international players.

He immediately grabbed massive attention from the media. However, because of his lack of fluency in the English language, he used a translator for a majority of his interviews given to the press.

Yao also continued to play for the national team of China. He was the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Olympics Summer Games held in Athens in 2004 while he marched in the stadium.

Personal Details

Yao Ming resides close to Katy in the state of Texas. He lives in a house with his parents.

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