Zach LaVine Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Zach LaVine Celebrity Life

Zachary LaVine is a professional basketball player playing for the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is currently playing for the Chicago Bulls from the position of a point guard. Born and brought up in Washington LaVine was enrolled at Bothell High School where he became their basketball team’s point guard.

In his senior year, he was scoring on an average of 28.5 points along with 3.4 rebounds and 2.5 assists each game. During this time, he was showered with accolades as he became Washington Mr. Basketball and Associated Press Washington State Player of the Year 2013. A die-hard Kobe Bryant fan LaVine tried to emulate his game as much as he could.


Pre- NBA Career

University of California Los Angeles

In June 2012 LaVine joined UCLA and started playing for the UCLA Bruins under coaches Ben Holland and then Steve Alford. LaVine quickly garnered a lot of attention for his powerful shooting and dunking with some even comparing him to the former UCLA pupil Russel Westbrook. 

Starting from January 26, 2014, LaVine suffered a shooting slump for six games and he only managed to make 7 out of some 36 shots from the field. Nevertheless, he persisted and registered on an average of 9.4 points each game.

His performance earned him an overall fourth rank in his team. He also registered 48 three-point field goals which were the second most earned by any freshman player in the school’s history.

Zach LaVine Background Check

NBA Career

The Minnesota Timberwolves

In June 2014 LaVine was picked up by the Minnesota Timberwolves during the NBA draft of 2014. During the first five matches of the 2014- 15 season, LaVine got to play for some 12 minutes.

Then his teammate Ricky Rubio was put out of action when he sustained an injury on his ankle and so LaVine was brought in as the Timberwolves’ starting point guard. In a November 28th game against the Los Angeles Lakers LaVine registered 28 points and Timberwolves went on to win the game 120- 119.

He became the second teenager in NBA history to register a minimum of 25 points and 5 assists as a reserve.


LaVine earned his first triple-double in a game with the San Antonio Spurs where he registered 22 points along with 10 assists. He also emerged victorious in the Slam Dunk Contest at the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend.

He was the youngest player to do so only after his idol, Kobe Bryant who had won the contest at age 18. In an April 11th game against the Golden State Warriors LaVine earned his season-best performance with 37 points and 9 rebounds.

During that entire season, LaVine was part of 77 games out of which he started in 40 and on average, he scored 10.1 points along with 2.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists.

In a November 13th game against Indiana, Pacers LaVine achieved a season-high 26 points. He quickly stopped himself when he scored 28 points in a December 13th game with the Phoenix Suns.

In January while playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he registered 35 points- a mere 2 points away from his career-high. Meanwhile, he also won another Slam Dunk Contest making him the fourth player to win the Contest consecutively.

Zach LaVine Public Records

In a November 9th game against Orlando, Magic LaVine registered a career-high 37 points to lead his team to a 123- 107 victory. Later in December he again scored a career-high 40 points in a 109- 105 loss to the Sacramento Kings. Unfortunately, in February LaVine suffered from a torn ACL that caused him to miss the remainder of the season.

The Chicago Bulls

In June 2017 LaVine went over to the Chicago Bulls. In a February 9th game against the Timberwolves, he registered a season-high 35 points to lead his team to a 114- 113 win. In an October 24th game against the Charlotte, Hornets LaVine managed 2 free throws with just 0.5 seconds left on the clock. This led to the Bulls winning 116- 115 against the Knicks in double overtime.

In a February 23rd game against the Celtics, he earned a career-high 42 points and the Bulls won 126- 116. However, later LaVine injured his right leg due to which he did not play the rest of the season.

LaVine came back from the injury stronger and achieved a career-high 49 points in a November 23rd game against the Charlotte Hornets which the Bulls won 116- 115. LaVine continues to be a strong player and an incredible asset for the Bulls.

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