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Zack Martin Celebrity Life

Early Life and Biography

Born in 1990, Zachary Edward Martin, aka "Zack" Martin hails from Indianapolis, Indiana in the USA. He is an American footballer, playing in the position of the offensive guard and stands at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches.

He and his brother, Nick, attended a Catholic school in their elementary years. Both boys loved to play football in their early years. They come from a Catholic family and are a major part of the Indianapolis archdiocese.
It is said that the sports section of this very archdiocese encouraged both Zack and Nick to be proficient sportsmen, and the boys, with their love of football, both became footballers when they grew up.

Both Zack and Nick play professional football under the helm of the NFL - Zack plays for the Dallas team, the Cowboys, while Nick plays in the center position for the Houston team, the Texans.

They both attended the same college of Notre Dame as well. The brothers are very close, even today. Today, Zack is married to Morgan, whose brother plays professional football for the Cincinnati football team, the Tigers. His name is Tyler Eifert, and he was Zack's roommate in college at Notre Dame University.

Zack Martin Background Check
High School Sports

In his senior year in high school, 114 blocks were tailed by Zack, and he was projected to be in college selections easily. In his sophomore season in 2006, he played both defensive and offensive tackle positions.

He was also an avid basketball player. He had a unique way of playing - for this, he was known as "the butcher" by fans of the opposition.

He was selected for many state and national tournaments and also took an active part in track and field sports.

He was a superb thrower of discussing and skilled at the shot putt. His coach was Andrew Slome, who was known for his style of training in producing the greatest athletes ever.

He was sought after by recruits in his high school years, having a four-star rating. He was considered one of the most promising offensive tackles, nationwide. He got offers to attend colleges like Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky but chose Notre Dame eventually.
College Football

In 2009, Zack had a redshirt year. He started games in 2010, in the position of left tackle for the college team.

He began all 11 games in that season for the team. He helped the team to average a running game of 4.8 yards per carrying - the college had never had such a great average score since the year 1996.

In 2012, Zack was made one of the captains of the college team. Beginning all 13 games for the college team, Zack led victories for the team all of that season.

For the second time, Zack was made the captain of the team in the final season at college. He played a college bowl game against the prestigious college of Rutgers, making records in play that had not been made since 1959 - Zack led his team to a 29 -16 victory.

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Professional Football

In the draft of the NFL in the year 2014, the Cowboys, a Dallas pro football team, picked Zack to play for them. They had the idea of turning him into an offensive guard player.

He started his training sessions by starting games from the initial day of training. He began playing at the position of right guard. He was voted the best in the NFL, just by his initial performance.

In 2014, a rookie player, Zack was voted to the pro bowl. Zack led teammates to complete winning rushing yards in many of his seasons of play with the Cowboys.

He has been voted to four straight pro bowls, but in the 2018 season, he had a knee injury and had to miss a single game - this was the only time the player had to do this in his entire football career.

In 2019, Zack got voted to the pro bowl again. Zack Martin is one of the few offensive linemen to attain pro bowl in the first six seasons of his professional football career.

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