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Long Distance Cheating Signs: Red Flags to Watch!

by Andy A.

Long Distance Cheating Signs, Are They Cheating on Me?

Are They Cheating on Me? 6 Signs of Long Distance Cheating

Long distance relationships are considerably harder than face-to-face relationships in many aspects; you don't see your partner as often as you want, you cannot always communicate with one another, and even scheduling an online chat is challenging. While these issues can be solved relatively easily, the question of fidelity is always hanging in the air when it comes to long distance relationships.

"Are they cheating on me?" is a question that always stands in the background of long distance relationships, and more often than not, the answer to this question is Yes. So, what can you do to ease your mind? How can you find out if your long distance partner is unfaithful to you? By noticing the following long-distance cheating signs, you will be able to determine if your partner may be a cheater and have a talk with them on what is next for the both of you.

1. They are avoiding you

Long distance couples usually find their own groove when it comes to talking to one another, meeting up, or even sexting. A routine like this is a bit hard to follows, but when couples are committed to one another, they make the effort to set aside time to contacting their partners. If this behavior changes, it is usually for a good reason; one of the signs of long distance cheating is when one of the partners is avoiding the other. When people avoid their partners, they usually do so because they do not want to give away their cheating, and because they are afraid to face their partners.

Long Distance Cheating Signs

2. They are often unreachable

If you suspect you long-distance boyfriend or long distance girlfriend may be cheating, notice if they are suddenly busier than usual. If your partner has an active social life and being unreachable is routing for them, there is probably no reason for concern. However, your partner is usually not busy and not much of a social butterfly, and suddenly they never have free time, it is a big red flag hanging over the relationship.

3. They are in a hurry when you contact them

This is also one of the relationship cheating signs you have to notice when your partner is far away; if he or she seems to be in a rush to end the communication with you when you contact them, it might be for a good reason; they might be nervous because the person they are cheating with is around when you call, they might feel guilty, they might not want to speak with you, etc. It will seem that the only time they are not in a hurry to end communication with you is when they make the calls. In that case, they have the chance to cool down, call when no one is around and not be nervous because you surprised them.

Are They Cheating on Me?

4. They prefer to come to you and not the other way around

This is a dead giveaway sign for long distance cheating that every person should be aware of; when your partner is always insisting that he/she come to you and don't want you to come to them, they probably have something to hide. When cheaters want to avoid getting discovered, they cannot afford to have their partner come to their place to see evidence of cheating. So, they will insist to visit you, usually giving excuses, like wanting to make things easier for you, so you will not get suspicious of why they do not want you to come to them.

5. They have a whole new group of friends

Meeting new people often means you become a part of their lives and their social circles. When it comes to cheating, the person your partner has started seeing will introduce them to their friends as the relationship progresses. Also, a cheating partner can meet a new love interest that hangs out with their new friends, and that is how they met. Either way, you will start hearing about your partner's new friends because they cannot help it. Cheaters will not reveal that they are cheating, but they will not be able to hide their enthusiasm about their new love interest, which will manifest in bursts of conversation about new social circles.

cheating signs

6. Their reactions are over the top

People who cheat, whether it is long distance cheating or not, will become angry when asked simple questions. They do that because they want to create an emotional distance from their partners and feel like not everything that is wrong is their fault by starting fights and shifting blame. So, if you notice your partner is irritable and gets mad at you when you ask simple questions, they might be cheating.

Being in a long-distance relationship means trusting one another, and sometimes, that trust is broken. While sometimes subtle, the long-distance cheating signs listed above are signs you have to notice to find out if they are cheating on you.

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