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Check Employment History: How to Check Employment History Online Using Free Websites

by Ciara C.

Check Employment History, How to Check Employment History

How to Check Employment History Online Using Free Websites?

There are moments in life, which will ask us to remember something quite distant, for example, all of our professional history. It might be that you are in a recruitment process and are asked to provide your complete employment history (including details such as salary, job responsibilities, start, and end date). You may also start thinking about your pension and the amount of benefit you'll receive, or even to apply for a loan. This question may arise in some situations of life, as well as at important moments such as approaching retirement or during a recruitment procedure. Your employment history contains information such as past employers and companies you worked for, job titles and positions held, job responsibilities, salary and date of employment. This is all gathered in your employment history.

Checking employment history is a must, either if you want to know what are your rights, or to work on your resume. As important as it is, we may not write and keep records of everything, as a consequence, it is quite an arduous task! Nowadays, careers are more dotted than pursued in a straight line, which complicates the task. Do not worry, though. There are several ways to check your employment history without running from a place to another, just here online! We'll here help you check your employment history online using free websites.

Employment History

Request for Social Security Earnings

Your Social Security keeps records of all your Social Security taxes throughout the years. As it is directly related to your incomes, your Social Security also keeps track of all your earnings. The good news is that you can access these records simply by creating a Social Security account online. The procedure is quite simple:
  • Create an account and verify your identity or Sign in if you already have an account.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Click on "View Earnings Record" on the main page.

These earnings records are used by Social Security to determine the average salary over the course of your career — and thus to evaluate the benefits you receive.

Work History

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Do you know that when an employer conducts a background check on you, using a third party company, this background check is protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act? The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that protects people and enables you to access the report that one of your employers might have asked during your recruitment process. Once every 12 months, you can ask these third party companies to provide the information they gather on you. It is also the perfect opportunity to check that all that's written there is truthful.

Many employers conduct a background check through a third party company which involves adhering to Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations. This background check often includes employment history verification (to make sure you're not enhancing your resume!), credit check, drug test, criminal records, academic history verification, etc.). According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if prospective or current employers have the right to run a background check on you, you also have the right to access these reports. It also enables candidates to be proactive and be ready to discuss the information contained in this report.

How? Through an FCRA compliant background check provider.

Check Employment History
Method N°1 - Check out the Consumer File Disclosure section of LexisNexis and see what information is maintained in their files. It is your right to order a copy of the recorded information. Simply click on "Request a Consumer Disclosure Report" here and complete all of the sections on the form. Your identity will be checked. Once the company processes your request, you will receive all the information contained in the Consumer Disclosure Report of FACT.

Method N°2 - Through the website of Equifax, you can request an Employment Data Report. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and for a complete transparency regarding your personal information, this report gives you the ability to see the information that can be given to companies. In order to request your Employment Data Report, sign in or log in to the employee section and fill out the Employment Data Request Form. Simply send it back by email. You'll receive an answer within 15 days.

Check Employment History

Background Checks

If the common idea behind background checks is that it reveals someone's criminal history, a background check is much more than that and is, actually, a valuable source of information for work history. When conducting a background check, you can look into criminal records, as well as in education history or employment history. And it's a process that many companies do!

When a company conducts a background check for employment history, it is mostly to check the truthfulness of the information provided on a resume. In this case, you would have to give your agreement during the hiring process. The background check is protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and you can request your own copy as mentioned below. An individual can also conduct a background check through one of the many background check sites. If so, it is important to make sure that this one includes employment history, as from a site to another the features may differ. 

The question here, is: how to conduct a background check on yourself for free and obtain your work history? You can trust GoLookup one of the most reliable online background check sites and conduct research on yourself in order to obtain a variety of information, including your work history.


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