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Quick Facts about China! Facts you Ought to Know about China!

by Paul W.

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Facts About China: Overview of China Facts!


The most populated country in the world and the third or fourth largest by area, China is a country with rich tradition and history, and is one of the fastest growing economies today. Facts about China are classified as follows- general, historical, cultural, and natural resources.

General China Facts! 

  • China is considered to have the world’s oldest civilization and the world’s oldest written language still in use.
  • One in every five people in the world is Chinese.
  • China’s capital is Beijing, and its most populous city is Shanghai.
  • China has many different languages including Mandarin, Xiang, Hakka, Minnan, Gan, Wu, and Yue.
  • China’s flag is one large star surrounded by four smaller stars in a semicircle, located on the top left corner on a red background. The red symbolizes revolution, the large star communism, and the little stars the people of China.
  • Despite its large size, China has only one time zone.

Historical Facts of China

  • The origin of the name China is thought to have come from the Qin (pronounced Chin) dynasty. Dynasties refer to groups or families that retain power over several generations. The history of ancient China is usually understood in terms of dynasties. The first dynasty was the Shang, and the last was the Qing (pronounced Ching).
  • China was ruled by emperors for nearly 2000 years. Given that dragons hold a place of primacy in Chinese culture, emperors often considered themselves descendants of dragons. The last emperor of China was Pu Yi, and he became ruler when he was just three years old.
  • October 1st is celebrated in China as a national day to commemorate the day the People’s Republic of China was established.
  • The first Homo Erectus, who lived 300,000 to 550,000 years ago, was found in China. It is believed that he knew of fire and how to manipulate it.
  • Shanghai was the only city in the world that accepted Jews without a visa of entry who were fleeing the Holocaust during the first half of the 20th century.


  • The Great Wall of China is the largest man-made structure in the world extending 8,850 km. It was once believed that the Great Wall could be seen from the moon. However, this turned out to be just a myth!
  • The mortar used to bind the stones of the Great Wall of China was made with sticky rice.
  • The biggest festival in China is Chinese New Year celebrations of which last for 15 days. Every year in China is represented by a certain animal. There are twelve such animals and this 12-year cycle approximates Jupiter’s orbital path around the Sun which takes 11.86 years.
  • Ancient Chinese customs of foot binding were started in the Song Dynasty in AD 960-1279. Foot binding was done by wrapping bandages around the feet of women from a young age to bend the arch of the foot and cause the toes and heels to arch in towards one another under the foot. Leg muscles would also tend to go bad and get thin. Bound feet would look smaller in size and were perceived as highly desirable.
  • In Chinese culture, red represents happiness and is usually worn at weddings whereas white is a symbol of mourning. People wear white to funerals as opposed to black as in the West.

Natural resources

  • China is prone to earthquakes, floods, typhoons, droughts, and tsunamis almost every year.
  • The Yangtze River and the Yellow River, the fourth- and sixth-largest rivers in the world, respectively, are located in China. The giant panda is found near the Yangtze river. Chinese culture comprises a lot of symbolism, and the giant panda represents strength and courage.
  • The Stone Forest in China is a cluster of ancient columns of rock.



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