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Citizenship Tests in the United States

by Keren P.

Citizenship Test, Citizenship Tests in the United States

A Review of Citizenship Tests in the United States

Citizenship in the United States of America (USA) is a lengthy process. Citizenship can only be obtained once you have a Green Card or Permanent Residency of the USA. You will have to wait for five years before you can take the Citizenship tests that are required to become a citizen. This article will highlight the various tests that are needed to be taken for the citizenship process of USA.

Types of Citizenship Tests

The Naturalisation Test, which consists of two main types of tests, have to be taken in order to be naturalized as a USA citizen. You will also be expected to take an interview along with the test where you will have to answer questions relating to the application and your personal or professional backgrounds.

You will have to make sure that you do not have any criminal or offensive records in your name and that your Permanent Residency was obtained in a legal manner. There are free online practice tests that are available if you need to practice the tests before you take them.

Citizenship Test

The types of tests include An English Test and A Civics Test. You will have to pass them both. It is mandatory that you need to have a good knowledge of English to be a USA citizen.

If you have lived in the USA for the required time limit to obtain the citizenship, it is likely that you will have a good knowledge of English by acclimatizing yourself into the American society and the people who live in America.

Although the USA is a multicultural nation, with many immigrants, English is the primary language used by everyone as the major means of communication. You can also obtain study materials for both the English and Civics tests on the USCIS Government website, which explains in detail about these tests.

U.S. Citizenship Test

The English and Civics Tests

The English Test consists of vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking components within the test. You must pass all the components of the English test to move forward in your application. The procedure is compulsory so that you can represent the USA fairly as an English language speaker which is needed if you need to live in the USA.

No matter what area you work in, English will be the primary language you will use in the workforce and in many times with your friends and family. If you are well competent at English and have a record of education and background in the language, you can ask for a waiver from the English test.

The Civics Test includes general knowledge about the USA as a country, including its history, governance, and geography. You will have to study in detail about the States of America, knowledge about the holidays and governance structures in America, including the presidential candidates that are in office.

Citizenship Tests in the United States
There is a total of 100 questions that you will have to answer in the Civics test. During the interview, candidates will be asked 10 questions from the list of 100 questions in English. It is required that you answer at least 6 questions to pass the Civics test in English. The test can be taken in many languages including Spanish, English and Chinese languages.


If English is a language you are familiar with and if you have good general knowledge about America, you will likely pass the English and Civics tests. It is always good to do some study with some practice materials online or if you can buy a practice test book that is available on citizenship tests for Citizenship of USA.

Try to learn as much as possible and prepare to answer the interview questions confidently. Taking these tests will be a gateway to many benefits in the world as a USA citizen.

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