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Clarity Money App Review: Everything about Clarity Money Savings App!

by Andy A.

Clarity Money App Review, Clarity Money Finance App

Full Clarity Money App Review

Mint has been dominating the free budgeting app corner for quite some time now, but over the past few years, several worthy opponents have risen. One such app is Clarity Money, which promises to be a very effective budgeting tool you can easily use. So, is the buzz around Clarity Money app justified, or are you better off using other similar apps? Find out right here with our full Clarity Money app review.

What is Clarity Money App?

Clarity Money app is an app that, well, allows you to manage your money wisely. Like similar apps, Clarity Money links users' financial accounts, and by doing so, let's them see what goes on with their money without checking each account individually. When you download the app and register for the service, you will need to enter the accounts you want to keep track of, like your checking account, savings account, credit account, and more.

Clarity Money App Review
Once Clarity Money has all the necessary data, it will aggregate your financial information, and help you see the overall picture – meaning how much you earn and how much you spend. That way, you will be able to budget yourself based on your income and expenses, a task Clarity Money will help you with.

With Clarity Money, you will also be able to manage your accounts easily; if, for instance, you want to transfer money from your checking account to your savings account, you will be able to do so using the app. To make things even easier and clearer for those who have trouble managing their money (which is, let's face it – most of us), Clarity Money turns transactions and your financial data into graphs.

When you see the graphs right in front of you, you will be able to budget yourself better and see where you can save money. This visual aid is presented in daily pie charts that demonstrate your spending trends, and they are meant to help people be wiser when it comes to their finances.

Clarity Money Finance App

Clarity Bill Lowering & Canceling Service

Before we dive into a straight forward Clarity Money app review, there are other things you should know about the service; one great thing that separates Clarity Money app from other personal finance apps is its lowering and canceling service; to help users save money, the app will negotiate and cancel their recurring services.

You will obviously need to give the app permission to perform these actions for you, which most users do. The Clarity bill lowering and canceling service will apply coupons and discounts and coupons users are not even aware they are entitled to. The Clarity services keep 33% of the savings as commission, which may seem steep, but it means you save 66% of your expenses.

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Is Clarity Money App Safe?

Using apps that link accounts and perform financial transactions can be risky if they don’t use proper security measures. Luckily, Clarity Money app protects its users by using several protection measures; Clarity operates a multi-level security system, including VPN and firewalls to prevent hackers from getting access to user accounts. The app's storage system uses AES-256 encryption, and money transmission is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 and 256-bit encryption.

However, Clarity Money does not use independent security verification that other personal finance apps use. To prevent other people from gaining access to your app, you can establish a passcode on your mobile devices, like a Face ID. So, while Clarity uses several layers of protection, it is not as secure as another personal finance app, like Mint.

Another cause for concern with many financial apps is screenshotting; people who have access to your phone can take screenshots of the app while it is open and steal your data. Also, if you take screenshots of money apps, they can be hacked in various ways. The developers of the Clarity money app have though about this risk, so they set up a special feature to avoid the danger of screenshotting; there is simply no possibility to take screenshots when using the mobile Clarity app.

The app restricts users from taking screenshots while using Clarity, which adds another layer of protection to the already well-guarded money app.  

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Clarity Money Review: The Bottom Line

One iOS Clarity user had this to say about the app:

- "Good But Not Very Intuitive:

I like what the app is trying to do & some of the features offered can be very helpful for some who need or want the offers to help them. However, I just want something clean, straightforward, & to the point about helping me keep up on the transactions happening with my accounts. I was using a great app before that did this very well for me.

It alerted me when new transactions came in and then I could 'swipe right' to confirm the transaction was familiar or 'swipe left' to red flag the unknown transaction till I could investigate further. This gave me a strong peace of mind that I was keeping a close watch on my accounts and would easily spot any unexpected behavior.

This app's home page gives you a quick synopsis of your account's balances, but then it has all these advertisements for money management and other suggestions that I read through the first time of course, but there are very few that you can remove from view for good. The second tab is cleaner on showing account activity, but I miss being able to mark them as known and unknown transactions

Doing so gave me a strong sense that I was able to keep a very close eye on monetary transactions. Still, a good app to show what you need in a basic way so since the other app is now gone and they directed me to this app I guess with time I will get used to the different way of things."

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So, the bottom line is Clarity Money app is good, but it still has ways to go before it can compete with other similar apps, like Mint. If you are searching for a free budgeting app that can help you keep an eye on your expenses, you might like Clarity. If you need more than just a budgeting app, you can use Mint or Personal Capital may be perfect for you.


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