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Clear Search History on Facebook Easily!

by Rick S.

Clear Search History, How to Clear Facebook Search History

Learn How to Delete Search on Facebook Quickly

Facebook saves anything you type in its search box, be it a famous personality, friend, or a business, the action gets saved to search history. It is a convenient tool as suggestions come up if you search for the same person or company the second time or multiple times after the first one. The problem is that the search history suggestions soon gets clogged with unwanted one-time queries. This could be a name of a person who you searched only once or any public figure you secretly like but do not want to broadcast to your friends.

In case you wish to restrict a few snippets of information, or simply make the list tidy, you have to visit the Facebook menu. Click the Settings cog. This is located in the top-right corner of the menu. Select Activity Log from the available choices. Once you do this, it is possible to see all the recent activity you have done on Facebook. Click More. You will find this under Photos, Likes, and Comments located on the menu bar's left side. Select Search.

Once you do all the above steps, all your search history, except the ones you have deleted, will show. The individual searches could be erased. To do this, click block icon. Click Remove to complete the full step. In case you want to clear all search history, navigate to the top and click Clear Searches.

Viewing search history

Accessing your search history can be different in different devices. There will be a big difference between how you access it depending on whether you use the Android app on Android mobile or iOS on Apple phones or simply the web interface.

Clear Search History

If you use an Apple phone

Tap the three horizontal lines. Visit Settings and then the Activity Log. Go to “Category” dropdown and then select “Search History”. This action will show all the recent searches.

If you use an Android phone

Tap three horizontal lines and then scroll down to the Help and Settings menu. Select “Activity Log” Tap “Filter” setting and then tap “Search History” option. You can now see all the searches you have typed in.

Facebook website

Visit your personal profile and then click "View Activity Log" control button. Click "More" option. You can find this in Filters sidebar located to the left. Click "Search History" setting. You can now see all the searches you have made.

Complete Facebook Search erasure

You can delete your complete search history. To do this, click or tap "Clear Searches" option in the Activity Log. The latter is common across in all platforms. Doing this action will erase all search history on Facebook.

Removing a single item from Facebook search history

You can remove specific items from Facebook history in-case you do not want to delete all of them. This process again depends on whether your Android or iOS apps.

delete Search History

On Android and iOS

Tap X adjacent to the search you like to delete. This is applicable for both Android or iOS. The item gets cleared from search history.

On the Facebook website

To do this, click the "Edit" button. This button is adjacent to the search history space. Click "Delete" button after you do this.

Do understand that only you can view your Activity Log and no one else. It is easy to erase one or all of your searches easily and painlessly. The Activity Log is extremely easy to find. Go to Facebook's upper right corner and click the gear icon. Once you do so, go to the left sidebar and click the "More" button. You can now view the search history.


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