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CMS Website and Web Content Management: What You Need to Know

by Garry S.

CMS Website, WCM, Web Content Management

Understanding the Meaning of Web Content

Web content is any kind of content that gets published on a website. It is presented in a creative, informative approach that the users find useful or interesting. It can be in any form. Textual, multimedia or even aural like a podcast. Content on the website is published to attract traffic. Web content developers try to put on engaging content to generate traffic and publicize the product or service that they are trying to market. The content needs to be optimized according to search engine keywords.

The content should be unique that is plagiarism free and must have internal as well as external links. It is commonly believed that Content is King. It shows how much importance is given to content. More often than not, web developers get busy creating a great webpage, but not having great content does not help their business go farther. A great website with a good user interface is of course desired due to easy navigability, but the content is much more important. The two main forms of content are text and media.

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Textual web content typically has a very good build up of internal links to help users get sufficient information. The internal links help the users find more relevant information in case they need it. The content that gets published on the website is of utmost importance, but the text should be simple enough. Not much flowery language is welcomed when it comes to something like technical information. However, if the page or website is a creative endeavor, then an artistic approach will be expected. Ideally, content should be written thinking the website in mind. Simply copying textbook information is not at all appreciated by the website users.

You need to remember that users are looking for ready information delivered to them at ease and have great readability as well as usefulness. Text should be written in such a manner that anybody anywhere in the world can get a fair amount of idea on what the text is trying to convey. Even if the text is about a local restaurant, the text should give any information, that a user sitting at another part of the world is looking for.

As to what comprises of text content, it actually can be any word written as text n the website. The Contact Us or the words are written on the dropdown to of course the content that your website presence. Website content comprises of the whole gamut of writings that you present on your website. The blogs and any information that you give out through your website that is written falls under this category. Text content can, of course, be a part of media content as well.



Media or multimedia content is the content other than just text. It can be anything from a simple image to animation; it can be only audio or even a video.

Animations can be in the form of a cartoon or now as it is popular to use those GIFs or tools such as Flash that make the content come alive. The imagery in the form of content can include simply a photo. It can be a painting or clipart. It can also be scanned materials. Images are used to a great deal as they are believed to positively contribute to the rise in traffic for a website. Specially infographics are a great help in this connection. Audio files are often included in the website so that the users get to see how your website has an edge or is offering something different. Videos also have the same purpose.

Anything that goes on to the web is web content. The usefulness and relevance of the content is the ultimate decisive factor in deciding how a website is going to perform for its users.  


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