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Colorado Employment Law Explained in Full

by Garry S.

Colorado Employment Law, Colorado Employment Laws

Colorado Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Colorado?

The state of Colorado has several laws, which offer a higher level of protection to its employees as compared to federal law. Some of these include higher minimum wage, pregnancy accommodation rights, wider antidiscrimination protections, and employers’ obligation towards coverage for healthcare continuation and so on. At the same time, the state typically adheres to federal laws about subjects like occupational safety.

Any employer in the state should adhere to the state, as well as, federal law. Employers in Colorado should also follow the applicable obligations of the municipal law that have an impact on the employment relationship apart from adhering to the requirements of federal and state laws.

Colorado - Fair Employment Practices

All employers in the state must follow the guidelines in the CADA or Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act except for religious associations and organizations, which do not get their support from any kind of public fund. The CADA act has prohibited differences based on certain protected attributes including:

  • Religion or creed
  • Color
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Age over 40
  • Disability
  • Sex including pregnancy
  • Marriage to a colleague when working for an employer with over 25 employees
  • Ancestry
  • Sexual orientation
Colorado Employment Law

A kind of illegal discrimination, harassment is strictly prohibited as per the CADA. Employers can be held accountable for any kind of harassment at their workplace if they are aware of such an incident and did not take any kind of appropriate and immediate remedial actions.

Regulations under the CADA also prohibit an act of retaliation against an individual who is against or assists another individual in opposing illegal discrimination.

Employment laws related to equal pay
The Colorado employment laws also prohibit any kind of discrimination in wages/salaries only by gender.

Pregnancy accommodation in Colorado

Employers in Colorado have to offer reasonable accommodations to both applicants and employees for health conditions about recovery from women’s childbirth or pregnancy. According to the state’s law, here are some of the factors associated with reasonable accommodations:

  • Lifting limitations
  • Modifying or obtaining seating or equipment
  • More frequent water and food breaks a restroom
  • Longer or more frequent break periods
  • Assistance/help with manual level
  • Modified work schedules
  • Light duty
  • Restructuring of job
  • Transfer to a less-hazardous or less-strenuous position temporarily subject to availability
Colorado Employment Laws

Colorado – Personal file access

Employees in the state have the right to access their records that are used for ascertaining their qualifications for the following:

An employee has a right to access personnel records used to determine his or her qualifications for:

  • Discipline
  • Extra compensation
  • Termination
  • Promotion
  • Employment

Existing employees in the state enjoy a right to access/see their personnel files once every year at least. Former workers enjoy access rights of their personnel file once.

Colorado – Wages discussion

The state’s Wage Transparency Act restricts employers from taking adverse steps against workers who share their wages details with their co-workers. Employers are also prohibited from putting a condition that their employees cannot divulge their wage details or form is signing any documents or waivers, which restricts his/her rights to share their wage details.

You should note that if there is any kind of an overlap between local, state, and federal law, the law, which provides the maximum benefits or rights to the employee, is typically applied.

Some other employee law features as follows;

  • The state allows background checks before employment but restricts credit checks
  • The state has requirements about a meal, rest breaks, child labor, overtime, child labor, and minimum wage.


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