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Colorado Labor Laws and Employee Rights in Colorado

by Peggy B.

Colorado Labor Law, Colorado Labor Laws

What are Colorado labor laws?

Employment practices have significantly gotten better nowadays. More practices give attention and focus to employees to ensure that they have a healthy working environment. Labor laws are primarily concerning the rights and responsibilities of unionized employees. These unions can negotiate for better remuneration, convenient work hours, and an increase in workplace safety. Employers are expected to follow specific rules when they deal with union members. The states are allowed to make their labor law relations, but these laws should comply with the National Labor Relations Act.

These labor laws are also referred to as a set of standards for working conditions and wage laws.

The state of Colorado has many laws that provide significantly higher protection to employees than some of the federal law. Rules regarding broader anti-discrimination protections, pregnancy accommodation rights, a higher minimum wage, and health care coverage obligations for smaller employers. But Colorado still generally follows federal law concerning topics such as occupational safety.

Every individual wants to be treated fairly when it comes to working hours, hiring and firing decisions and other aspects of work. It is a bright idea to educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities under Colorado's labor laws. 

Colorado Labor Law

Overtime Pay
The state of Colorado has overtime laws that are designed to protect its employees from being taken advantage of by employers. Colorado’s overtime wage laws are favorable towards workers when compared to federal law. Under the Colorado state wage law, employers are obligated to pay each non-exempt employee one-and-a-half times the employee's regular hourly rate as an overtime compensation for all hours worked more than:
- 40 hours in one workweek
- 12 hours in one workday
- 12 continuous hours.
Fair Employment Practices
The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act applies to all employers except religious organizations and associations that do not receive support from public funds. The act prohibits the employer from discriminating against an employee based on characteristics, that include a person's race, color, religion, Sex, disability, age, national origin or sexual orientation.
Any harassment based on these characteristics is considered to be a form of illegal discrimination, and it is prohibited under the CADA. An employer may be held responsible for harassment at the workplace if he/she fails to take appropriate actions against harassment.

Whistleblower Protection Act
To "blow the whistle" means to report an illegal or unethical act by your employer to the proper authorities or the press. State "whistleblower laws" are designed to prevent companies and employers from retaliating against employees who blow the whistle, by providing tough sanctions on employers who do retaliate. It is conditional protection for the employee acting in good faith, regardless of the actual truth of the matter disclosed, and without revealing confidential information.

Colorado Labor Laws

Equal Pay
The state of Colorado has a Wage Equality Regardless of the Sex Act, which prohibits discrimination in wages which is based solely on sex/gender. It prohibits employers from paying varied remuneration to employees based on their sex.

Payment of Wages
In Colorado, wages must be paid in cash, or by check payable upon demand without discount in cash. Wages can be paid by direct deposit or electronic pay card under certain circumstances.

Access to personnel files
In Colorado, laws give current employees the right to have access to their personnel files at least annually. A former employee has the right to access his or her personnel file once. Colorado Employers are obligated to provide access to their information when requested upon

Severance pay
In Colorado, employees who voluntarily quit must be paid on the next regular payday. An employee who is fired is also expected to be paid immediately in most cases.


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