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Colorado Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Kelly B.

Register to Vote Colorado, Colorado Register to Vote

Registering to vote in Colorado

Voting rules are different in every state of the US and are administered by the states as well – whether federal, state or local elections. No two states have the same process, and this article is aimed at helping readers understand the process to register as a voter in Colorado.

Requirements to register to vote in Colorado:

The basic needs to be able to vote are the same in every state. These are-

1. To be above 18 years of age, by election day.
2. To register to vote, before the day of the election, and meet the state’s requirements.
3. To be a US citizen.

Apart from the requirements above, there are certain requirements specific to voters in Colorado. These are-

 - To have resided in Colorado resident for 22 days or less, immediately before

Election day

- To not be jailed for a felony conviction, at present.
- To have a Colorado Driver's License or ID card issued by the

Colorado Department of Revenue.

Registration can also be completed in person, online, or through the mail.

Register to Vote Colorado

Registering online in Colorado :

Online registration is arguably the easiest. There are many websites through which online registration can be done, some of which are-

The applicants would have to enter necessary information about themselves, their driver's license or ID card number. Registration can also be confirmed on the websites. Once registration has been verified, address and party affiliation may also be updated. 

Registering in person:

Registration can be submitted in person at one of the following centers-

1. A Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle office when applying for a driver’s license, or updating license information.
2. Offices providing public assistance, where public assistance includes state-funded programs that provide services for disabled persons.
3. US army recruitment offices.
4. Any state, federal, local or no-government office that provides voter registration applications or services.
5. A voter polling center or service.

Registration is also possible through a voter registration drive.


Registering through the mail:

This can be done by filling a form on-screen, signed, and then printing and sending it by post or courier. It can even be printed out and filled by hand.

Forms that can be filled are-

1. The National Mail Voter Registration Form (available on the website, which has state-specific instructions for Colorado on page 5.

2. The Colorado Voter Registration Form (available at

The address is to be mailed to is-

Colorado Department of State

Elections Division

1700 Broadway, Suite 200

Denver, CO 80290.

Colorado Register to Vote

After the registration:

If it is the first time an applicant is registering to vote, it will take up to two weeks for the request to be processed. Around 20 days after the request is received, voters will receive an official information card by mail.

The status of the registration can be checked on the website

The voter will also receive a mail ballot at the mailing address provided in the registration form. Voting can also be done in person at either a voter service or polling center, the list of which is again on the website

General information:

According to Colorado laws, citizens can register to vote all the way up to election day. However, to get a mail ballot, one must register at least eight days before election day (if registering online or through the mail), and at least 22 days before election day if registering through a drive. If the above deadlines are not met, the applicant may register in person at a voter service and polling center in the county, and then vote right away, or pick up a ballot.

A citizen interested in voting but who does not have a driver's license, an ID card issued by the state, or a social security number can still register to vote, with another acceptable form of ID, mentioned at


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