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Common Dreams and Their Secret Meanings

by Keren P.

Common Dreams, Dream Meanings, Common Dreams Meanings

Dream Meaning of Popular Dreams

Dreams are universal. They occur to everyone, at every stage of life. There is a pattern to it, and therefore, it is studied under a separate discipline, to interpret and analyze. People try to figure out what their subconscious mind is trying to communicate through these dreams. No matter what dreams we get, we should not feel bad about it. Dreams sometimes are a way of relaxing the brain, releasing emotions and thoughts.

Repetitive dreams need to be analyzed; they could lead to solving mental issues, physical ailments, professional or financial problems. Dreams sometimes could be just random, meaningless stuff, and sometimes it could be the answer we have been looking for. There is something called “lucid” dreams where the person dreaming is aware of it even while sleeping. Some researchers are experimenting with these lucid dreams trying to control how the events unravel and such.  

Common Dreams

Generally, everybody during one or the other stage in life get similar dreams. Some of these commonly occurring dreams and their inherent meanings are discussed below –

Falling – the most commonly occurring dream, where people see themselves falling from a higher altitude, sometimes they see themselves slipping down while sitting or sleeping from their place. Helpless, anxious and scared. This could mean that the person is experiencing a loss of control in their life events. They may be feeling that they are losing out on how they expected certain things, relationships, and people in life to turn out.

Attending exam – dreams about exams include either failing in the exam or going to an exam unprepared. This could mean that the person is anxious about things that are important for them. They could be worried about how they will face a difficult situation in life or a person, or worry how they would fare on a particular challenge in life. When the dreams are about passing with flying colors, it could mean the person is seeking appreciation in life, from a partner or from family and friends. They wish to be applauded for the good deed, service, or job they have done which may have gone unnoticed.

Dream Meanings

Meeting the dead – dreams involving people who were dead long ago, speaking to them or seeing them in present situations as though they were alive. This could mean that a relationship now is similar to that shared with the deceased long ago. It could also mean that there were some unresolved feelings with those who moved on to other realms. A deeper analysis of the dream can help identify if there is a possibility of negative people around.

Intimate scenes – getting intimate with someone familiar or unknown. It is indicating that in real life the person is discovering new capabilities, or something completely unexpected has happened in real life about which they are both shocked and excited. It is advised they should not suppress the newfound capabilities, but try to work on them and get comfortable with their new skills.

Common Dreams Meanings

Celebrities – meeting celebrities, interacting with them in dreams indicate that your own talents and skills need your attention. Even celebrities had to work hard to reach where they are. Seeing them in dreams could mean your subconscious is reminding you to focus on your own talents.

These are some of the dreams that are regularly experienced by people across the globe. Understanding our dreams can help improvise various aspects of our real life. Albert Einstein credited his dreams for helping him develop the "theory of relativity." So, next time when you get a dream, take note. What is your dream trying to tell you?

Being chased -Many people dream that they are being chased by either a person or something they cannot see. These dreams can be terrifying, and they usually end up with the dreamer making up stressed and scared. The dream meaning of being chased is the dreamer avoiding something in his/her life instead of confronting the issues head-on. It could be that your mind is trying to make you address the problem you are avoiding, and by solving it, the dream of being chased will go away as well.

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning

Teeth falling out – teeth falling out is another very common dream that seems very real to the dreamer. The dream meaning of teeth falling out can be either positive or negative, depending on where you, the dreamer, are in your life. The positive dream meaning of teeth falling out is personal growth and renewed self-esteem. The negative dream meaning of teeth falling out is feeling insecure and concerns with self-image, issues that most of us deal with daily.

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