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15 Craziest Laws in Connecticut

by Rick J.

Craziest Laws in Connecticut, Craziest Connecticut Laws

Weird Laws in Connecticut

Officially known as the "Constitution State", Connecticut has a long, rich history that is immortalized in its sites and landscapes. Home to the first nuclear-powered submarine, Connecticut has also contributed its fair share of inventions and ideas to the United States, making it admirable for outsiders. However, those on the inside know that this great state also has its quirks that are obvious in some of its laws. The following are some pretty weird Connecticut laws, and they only add grace to the nutmeg state.

A pickle must bounce

We never thought of pickles as being bouncy, but when you get down to it – it's true – pickles have a certain bounce. That is why a pickle that does not bounce is not considered a pickle in Connecticut. Legend has is two men were once caught selling rotten pickles in the state, so someone had to do something about it.

It is illegal to throw out used razor blades

Most of you probably don’t give it a second thought when you get rid of your razors, but when you are in Connecticut, you better think long and hard on what to do with them. You can get arrested for throwing out razors!

Craziest Laws in Connecticut

You cannot cross the street on your hands

We are actually totally on board with this Hartford law; standing on your hands while walking the streets seems pretty dangerous for you and the people around you, so please don't do it when you are in Hartford or any other place.

It is illegal to discharge firearms from public highways

If you like shooting your guns while you are driving along on a highway – do not do it while you are in Connecticut. It is illegal, and while it’s a weird Connecticut law, it makes perfect sense.

The speed of a bicycle will not exceed 65mph

Who knew that bicycles could reach 30mph, let alone 65mph? apparently, they can, and it is safe to say that is a dangerous speed for bikes and an illegal speed in the state of Connecticut.

Dogs are not entitled to an education

Still in Hartford, a man's four-legged best friend cannot receive an education. We are not really sure what the law means with "dog education", but either way, this one is definitely a weird Connecticut law.

Craziest Connecticut Laws

It is illegal to see a UFO

Look down on the ground at all times when you are walking around in Connecticut. If you look up, you may see a UFO and it is against the law!

You cannot walk backward at night

Doing your moonwalk in the town of Devon is prohibited after sundown, so you should refrain from walking backward when you get there.

Fire trucks cannot exceed a speed of 25mph

It makes sense that these types of rules will have exceptions when there is an emergency, but not in Connecticut. Even if there is a fire – fire trucks cannot drive fasted the 25mph.

It is illegal to use silly string

If you want to get silly in Connecticut, do it without silly string. The act became illegal after a group of kids sprayed a police officer during the Apple Harvest Festival in the mid-1990s'.

Beauticians cannot hum while tending to customers

Those who work in the field of beauty cannot hum, whistle, and sing while they are tending to a client. That's a little harsh, isn't it?

Arcades cannot have more than four amusement devices

Oh, man! How do you choose the four best games if you want to open an arcade? Well, you'll have to if you want to entertain the people of Connecticut.

Crazy Laws

Town records cannot be kept in places where liquor is sold

According to this law: "Town or probate records shall not be kept in any room in which alcoholic liquor is sold, nor in any room from which there is direct access to a room in which such liquor is sold. Any town clerk or judge of probate violating the provisions of this section shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 30-113."

 Men cannot kiss their wives on Sundays

Fellas living in Hartford, you'll just have to hold your horses until Monday if you want to kiss your ladies. Doing it on a Sunday may land you in jail.

During the holidays, only white Christmas lights can be put on display

Luckily, this weird law in Connecticut only exists in Guilford. So, if you like your red and green holiday lights, better go to another place.

There they are, the weirdest laws in Connecticut that you can get arrested for. Like with other weird laws in the United States, such laws just make things more interesting, and they certainly add color to every state.  


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