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Correctional Facility: What is it Exactly, What You Need to Know and How to Find Inmates!

by Michael E.

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Correctional Facilities in the USA

As of 2018, there are more than 2.2 million inmates in the United States that are incarcerated in different correctional facilities across the country. Aside from these inmates, who are held in prisons and jails in the USA, there are also people who are found in other correctional facilities in all 50 states.

Different correctional facilities in the US serve different purposes, and now you can learn what those purposes are, and how to run an inmate search in America.

Correctional Facility Definition

Correctional facilities are places that incarcerate people at the order of government officials. The purpose of correctional facilities is to rehabilitate the people who are incarcerated in them for the amount of time that was determined by the law enforcement agencies in the state of incarceration.

Correctional facilities in the USA adhere to the state and federal laws, and there are several minimal standards for the inmates held by correctional facilities. Correctional facilities in the US include prisons, jails, youth incarceration facilities, and other facilities that hold millions of people. The prisoners and inmates in US correctional facilities can take part in vocational and educational programs, as well as work release programs that are intended to help them rehabilitate. If prisoner rights are broken, the guards or other persons that violated them can be subject to punishment.

Correctional Facility

Types of Correctional Facilities

There are several kinds of correctional facilities in the United States, and many people confuse them with one another, and these are the main correctional facilities:

  1. Jail – a temporary holding facility that is run by local governments. Jails are smaller than prisons, and their job is to hold people who have been recently arrested for committing misdemeanors and minor offenses. Aside from holding people temporarily, jails are also used as correctional facilities for people who have been sentenced for a year or less.
  2. Prison – a correctional facility that forcibly holds people who have violated the law. Inmates in prisons are denied several freedoms under a decree of the state, and the inmates in them are incarcerated before their trial. If found guilty, inmates in prisons can be incarcerated for the crimes they committed according to the law. There are several types of prisons in the USA that are divided into minimum security facilities, medium security facilities, maximum security facilities, and super-maximum-security facilities. There are also facilities that have different security levels within them.
  3. Mental health correctional facilities – if a person committed a criminal offense and he/she are deemed to be mentally unfit, they are sent to special facilities - mental health correctional facilities receive help for the mental condition they have. The purpose of such facilities, like other correctional facilities, is to rehabilitate the inmates and not only to confine them.
Correctional Facilities Search

Inmate Search in the United States

With millions of inmates in different correctional facilities across the country, it can be difficult to find a certain inmate. One of the methods for an inmate search is contacting law enforcement agencies that can provide information about the location of the inmate you are searching for.

For a quicker and easier inmate search in the USA, you can use GoLookUp's directory that can help you track down inmates in no time. To search for a certain inmate, all you have to do is enter the name of the person you are searching for into GoLookUp's inmate search directory.

Once you do, the search engine will scan the public records in the state of arrest, and provide you with criminal data of the inmate in question. The report will detail the arrest records, police records, convictions, and the location of the inmate.

Correctional facilities in the US are intended to incarcerate and rehabilitate offenders in the country. You can conduct an inmate search in any state with GoLookUp's directory, and conduct a full background check on people in your life.


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