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Court Records: How Does It Work?

by Goni S.

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How Court records Work and How to Search a Court Record

The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and approximately 1 in every 3 adult Americans has a criminal record (77 million people in total). So, whenever you meet a new person, the chances of them having a criminal record are high. To find out who has a criminal record, you can access court records that detail a person's criminal past. There are several methods for finding these types of records, and now you can get familiar with the most popular ones.

Court Record Search

Court cases are handled in different courts based on the crime in question and type of case at hand. To find a specific court record, you will need to contact the authority that handled the case, such as a family court, a circuit court, family court, etc.

Court Records

Regarding federal cases, the main type of record maintained by federal courts is a case file, which requires a cases search. A case file contains the documents related to the case and a docket sheet. You can perform a case search on the website, or contact the court that handled the case.

Free Court Records

Aside from a direct courts' search, you can also use a free court records search site that will provide you with information about the records you are searching. Free websites can give you access to public records that contain data about files that were discussed in bankruptcy court, family court, small claims court, etc.

While free access is convenient, it cannot provide you with all the information you need. Why? Because free sites that do not charge users for usage fees do not have the funds to get access to public records.

So, if you want to find traffic court records or other court records, you should use a website that has access to public records in each state.

Court Records LookUp

A Professional Court Record Search

Contacting courts and searching for public records in your own is not only time-consuming but also difficult and costly. To save yourself valuable time, you can use GoLookUp's background search engine. Using the directory is easy, and you only have to do one thing to find court records – enter the name of the person you are searching for.

Once the name is entered into the search engine on GoLookUp, the directory begins to scan public records related to the person in question. During the search, all the information on the person you are searching for is collected into a report you will get in a matter of minutes. By performing a court record search, you will be able to find out who has a criminal record that you need to know about.

Court records contain valuable information about people you know, and you can search for them in several different ways. GoLookUp's search engine can help you find court records from different courts in each state, and quickly provide you with all the data you need about the people in your life.


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