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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Alaska?

The Alaska Statute AS 12.62.160 authorizes any individual to obtain Alaskan criminal justice information. The Alaska Administrative Code has outlined procedures to obtain these details. This statute also enables the distribution of additional information to license agencies and employers for screening potential applications for positions requiring the care of dependent adults and or children.

Your criminal history records in Alaska contain information about your past convictions, current offender details, and criminal identification, i.e. photographs, physical descriptions, etc. You are authorized under the Alaska Statute to view or purchase a copy of your entire criminal history record.

Who Maintains Your Criminal Records?

Your criminal history is maintained by the Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records & Identification Bureau of Alaska (R & I). This is confidential information governed by regulations on how it can be disseminated and maintained.

The R & I Bureau provides national and state background checks to employers and individuals based on stringent guidelines outlined in AS 12.62.160, 13 AAC 68 and Pub L. 92-544.

Alaska Criminal Records Search

Where Is My Criminal Record Stored?

You may access your criminal record history is maintained in the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN). The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau is the repository for all criminal records in Alaska.

This is a database containing criminal history and is accessible by individuals and the criminal justice agencies. The latter must report all criminal justice occurrences to APSIN. This includes arrest reports, charges declined for prosecution, etc.

Criminal history information in the ASPIN can also be found in the FBI National Crime Information Center, which has criminal records from all 50 states. However, this information is confidential and will only be released to authorized federal and state law personnel.

What Will My Criminal Justice Report Contain?

Your report may contain the following:

  • Information Available to the ‘Subject of the Record’
  • Past Convictions
  • Current Offences
  • Your Criminal Identification Number
  • Non-conviction information
  • Correctional Treatment Information if applicable
Criminal Records Search Alaska
  • Sealed Information
  • Information Available to ‘any person’
  • Past convictions
  • Current offenses
  • Criminal identification number

Since you are a subject of the criminal record history maintained by Alaska Central Repository of Criminal History, you are permitted to purchase or view a copy all your criminal justice details.

You may order a name-based or a fingerprint-based check. The fees are $20 and $35 respectively. This is payable via money order or checks to the Records & Identification Bureau address listed on your form. You may also submit these in person at any listed location.

If you prefer to obtain a fingerprint-based national and state background check, the cost is $48.25.

The State of Alaska does not provide criminal history records from other states. To obtain a copy of your criminal record from another state, you must contact the Criminal History Repository of that particular state.

alaska online criminal record search

How to Obtain Information about Your Specific Case?

You may access your details about your court case from Alaska Courts System online. It contains criminal history from 4 judicial and 34 superior courts. It will include current and past misdemeanor and felony convictions as well as traffic violations.

The results will display your name, date of birth, alias names, county case number, disposition, charge and the names of the individuals involved in your case.

To be able to access this information, you must visit:

Enter your case number to search for your case(s) and pay the applicable fees online. You will also be required to provide personal identification information such as a Driver’s license number, Passport ID number, etc.

Alaska Online Criminal Records Search

Performing a traditional criminal records search takes time, so many people choose online directories to find Alaska criminal records. Directories that provide such information have access to public records, meaning they can provide you with information about criminal records. You can choose the best online public records directory based on recommendations. To perform the search, you need to provide an identifying detail about the person you are inquiring about.

The directory you chose will then begin to scan public records of that person, including their criminal records. By the end of the search, you will get a detailed account of the said person's public records that includes the criminal acts in their past.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!