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Arizona Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Arizona

Criminal records refer to information on a person's criminal history, such as whether they were detained, investigated, convicted, incurred penalties, and more. In the State of Arizona, only authorized individuals and agencies are privy to such information.

In order to gain access to a person's criminal history, even if the person doing the search is an employer looking up their employee's background, there are some steps that must be taken before such information can be accessed.

Is the Public Allowed to Access to any Information Related to Criminal Records?

The State of Arizona has some provisions in a place where the public is allowed access to some form of information related to court proceedings. This happens as the Arizona Judicial Branch allows public access to information on court cases from 177 out of the 184 courts in its jurisdiction.

Public access is not allowed for court case information pertinent to the seven courts that do not fall under this list.

Arizona Criminal Records Search

How can the Criminal History Records be Accessed in Arizona?

The Central State Repository in Arizona makes sure that they store relevant information related to criminal history in their records. According to the Arizona Revised Statute 41-1750, various criminal justice agencies within Arizona must provide certain information to the Central State Repository.

The information they must provide include data on any arrests made as well as dispositions of the same. Access to such information as well as copies of it can only be obtained by people who have obtained the proper authorization towards accessing such documents.

Why is Fingerprint Cards Necessary to Locate Information on Criminal Records in Arizona?

The reason why fingerprint cards play an important role in locating criminal records in Arizona is that they allow for higher accuracy in locating the relevant data.

Before a criminal record can be obtained, the person applying for the record must submit their fingerprint data. If such information is not available, then it is necessary to visit a center that offers fingerprint services and pay the necessary sum towards obtaining a fingerprint card. Without a valid fingerprint card, a Letter of Clearance cannot be obtained. This Letter of Clearance is a vital document that allows access to a person's criminal records.

 State of Arizona Criminal Records

What is a Letter of Clearance and How Can it be Obtained?

A Letter of Clearance shows that a person has gone through all the necessary steps and obtained access to certain criminal records. The criminal records that are accessed must fall within either the State of Arizona or the FBI's statutes allowing access to the same. What this means is, if a certain criminal record falls outside of the jurisdiction of either of these two bodies, then such records cannot be obtained by using these means.

Every state has its own policy regarding criminal records and how they can be accessed. If a certain record or information related to a criminal case falls outside the jurisdiction of the State, then that information can only be obtained from the State where the crime took place.

Aside from this, in order to obtain information on criminal records within Arizona, a Letter of Clearance must be obtained. It is important to note that the Letter of Clearance can only be obtained on the self.

To obtain a Letter of Clearance, the following documents are necessary:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport
  • A fingerprint card
  • A self-addressed as well as a stamped envelope
  • A processing fee

Once these documents have been provided and provided all the data provided is accurate, it is possible to obtain a Letter of Clearance that allows access to certain criminal records.

arizona criminal records

Arizona Online Criminal Records Search

Aside from the method mentioned above, you can also use an online directory to find Arizona criminal records. You can use several public records search directories to find criminal records data, and track down the criminal history of people in your life.

When using such directories, they scan public records based on the data you provide them with, and you can use a name-based directory, a phone number lookup search, a reverse email search, and a reverse address lookup service. Once the directory has a person's detail it will search public records and provide you with a complete criminal history of the person that you are searching.

What Information Is Found in Arizona Criminal Records?

When searching for Arizona criminal records, you will find the following data about the said person's criminal history:

  1. Full name – the full, legal name of the person that you are searching for – the first name, middle name, and last name.
  2. Aliases – known aliases of the person in question
  3. Mugshots – the police photos of the person in question
  4. Reason for arrest – the legal reasons why the person in question has been arrested for.
  5. The arresting authority

Aside from Arizona criminal records, you can also find Arizona court records that detail the court's decision about the crimes the person in question was arrested for. Most of the court records in the U.S. are public records, so they are a part of the public record system. So, by searching for Arizona criminal records and Arizona court records on GoLookUp or other public records search engines, you will be able to find information about people's criminal past in no time.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!