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Arkansas Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Arkansas

With over 25 million transparent public records, the state of Arkansas aims to provide every person with free, unbridled access to the public data, records, and documents, in accordance to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Fair Crediting Report Act accredited background checks are used to gather information about the same. The reasons why an individual or an organization may want to look up the records include the following reasons:

  • To determine whether or not the individual would be a good fit in their place of employment
  • For purposes of conducting background checks on a person- for example, a landlord may decide to conduct a background check on a potential tenant.
  • Banks and other lending businesses conduct background checks in order to determine whether the individual in question will be able to repay their loans back or not.

Conducting a Criminal Background Check

Since data relating to crimes and the offenders' list is accessible to all in Arkansas, all it requires is the name of the individual to conduct a background check. The two kinds of checks that are conducted by the Arkansas State Police include the following:

  • Background checks, which are mandated by those public officials who have been mandated or ordered by the law.
  • Individuals who are searching for the criminal record of another person, and have been given allowance by the latter for the same through attestation. The latter team usually consists of potential employers, licensors, and state and public workers.
Arkansas  Criminal Records Search

Requests for records of criminal history can be made both online and well as offline. However, for someone to request a background check online, they must have a subscription, the cost of which is $24. Otherwise, for individuals and organizations looking for a one-time background check, done offline, the cost of it is $25.

In addition to this, the law of Arkansas allows for any individual to search for the records of another person through the Arkansas Criminal History. This portal enables any person to directly seek out information pertaining to another from the Arkansas State Police, without needing the consent of the person whom the check is being conducted upon. This process costs merely $24 as well.

Documents Included in A Criminal Background Check

Any individual or organization who has requested the criminal history of another person is liable to get the following documents by the Arkansas State Police:

  • Warrants issued by the state, local, or county courts
  • The felony or misdemeanor charges that the individual was apprehended for.
  • Whether or not the individual was incarcerated, and the amount of time he was in a correctional facility.
  • If the individual's name has been included in the sex offender list, that information will be made public as well, including stating the crime the individual was put in prison for, the time that they were incarcerated, and the severity of the crime that was committed.
State of Arkansas Criminal Records

In addition to this, public criminal records pertaining to a particular individual are also released during a background check. In this, the personal and criminal history of the person is added, including the following:

  • Their name and mugshot.
  • The city and county from which they were arrested.
  • All data pertaining to the case, as well as docket information.
  • Reports, and statements by the police, as well as by witnesses.
  • Court transcripts took during the trial, and records of the process undergone at court.
  • Disposition of the case.
  • Records of attorneys involved in the case, both the prosecutor and the lawyer assigned to represent the individual in court.

Arkansas Online Criminal Records Search

You can perform an online Arkansas criminal records search with the help of accurate directories that have access to public records in the state. So, you can look up criminal records online, and find out more about the people in your life. When you use a directory to find criminal records, you will need to provide either the full name, phone number, email address, or physical address of the person that you are interested in.

After you enter a detail of a certain person into the website you chose, it will scan public records registered to the name of that person. At the end of the query, you will be provided with a report about the person in question that includes their criminal history and other public records data about them.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!