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Arkansas Domestic Abuse Laws and How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse

Typically, domestic abuse is defined as any type of violent act that a household or family member commits against another. It is recognized by family courts that domestic abuse can affect the kids, as well as, the separating spouses. Thus, Arkansas has domestic abuse laws in place to curb incidents of domestic violence.

According to the domestic abuse law of Arkansas, any:

  1. Bodily injury, physical harm, causing fear of possible physical harm, assault, or assault between household or family members, or
  2. Any kind of sexual activity between household or family members, which comprises a criminal offense in Arkansas

For the purpose of this law, household and family members only include former spouses, spouses, children, and parents, people who have blood relation within 4 degrees, kids living in the same household, people having a kid in common, people who had dated earlier, people who are dating at present, and people who currently or earlier lived together.

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Petition to Escape from a Domestic Abuser

It is possible for a domestic violence victim to file a case in the court for getting relief. Such a petition should accuse that there is domestic abuse, reveal whether any litigation is pending between the parties, as well as, divulge the existence of any previous petition(s) filed to get a protection order.

Relief in Arkansas

Once the court finds the occurrence of domestic abuse, it can offer the relief mentioned below:

  1. Ensure that the offender is excluded from the residence of the victim or the shared dwelling of the parties
  2. Make sure that the offender is excluded from the school, place of business, or other locations of the victim
  3. Can award ad hoc custody or may arrange for temporary visitation rights for the minor kids of the parties
  4. Direct for temporary support for a spouse or minor kids
  5. Permit the prevailing party to get reasonable fees for their attorney
  6. Forbid the offender from getting in touch with the victim
  7. Order the custody of a pet if any in that household, and
  8. Direct others relief as is deemed essential or appropriate by the court to protect a household or family member

Child Visitation and Custody

According to the domestic violence law of Arkansas, once a court discovers about domestic abuse, as well as, the child’s temporary custody, the court can take the following considerations:

  1. The well-being and safety of the parent who had filed the petition and of the kid, and
  2. The accused’s history of inflicting bodily injury, physical harm, assault, or reasonable scare of bodily injury, assault to another individual, or physical harm

Help for Domestic Abuse in Arkansas

In case you live in Arkansas and are a victim of domestic violence, it is imperative for you to seek assistance. Call 911 during an emergency. Else, you can also contact the toll-free number of the National Domestic Violence or the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Arkansas Domestic Abuse Laws


Arkansas Domestic Abuse Statistics

Following are some of the major domestic abuse statistics in the state of Arkansas:

  1. One in every 4 women suffer from domestic abuse
  2. In 2009, 18 families in Arkansas were killed because of domestic violence
  3. One in every three teenage girls has the possibility of being physically assaulted by their boyfriends
  4. The state ranks first in the country with respect to being one with the highest number of African American females killed by the batterer.
  5. About 50 percent of the girls who grow up in an abusive household can become the victim of domestic abuse and violence themselves
  6. Domestic abuse is the top predictor as far as child abuse is concerned

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
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