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Breaking and Entering Law in Alaska

Trespassing and breaking in are severe punishable crimes in the United States of America. Breaking and Entering laws are written to protect residents and safeguard their property. In Alaska, one is allowed to even attack an offender in self-defense. While someone trespasses a property and intrudes without prior permission, legally they can be punished under felony charges in Alaska.

What is breaking and entering?

Every property belongs to one person or a group of people. Entering any property should be with prior permission. If one breaks into a closed community with an intention to steal, threaten people, tamper evidence or break security devices, this is known as breaking and entering. The Breaking and entering law Alaska created by the general assembly includes the following category of crimes namely:

  • Possession of tools like pick lockset, crowbar, firearms
  • Entering a premise with a false identity
  • Unlocking burglar alarms, bypassing security codes, tampering with CCTV or other security devices
  • Threatening occupants
  • Stealing money, property, breaking safes
  • Adding bugs or removing evidence in a closed secured premise without permission.

Breaking and entering laws in Alaska

Alaska Breaking and Entering law are listed in the statutes of Alaska under 11.46.315. Every breaking and entering crime is not related to the only burglary. It can be:

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  • Theft of first degree
  • Theft of second degree
  • Theft with the intention of extortion
  • Criminal trespassing
  • Criminal trespassing and evidence tampering
  • Criminal trespassing with firearms

For each of the breaking and entering crime, if the owner of the property is affected by the thief or his subordinates, assault and attempt to murder charges are also applied along with felony charges. The occupants of the building can attack the criminals back in their self-defense and this is permissible in Alaska. There will not be any charge on the property owner if he tries to hit or shoot the criminal who tries to escape from the crime scene.

Breaking and entering punishments in Alaska

Punishment for Breaking and entering law in Alaska is hard. The punishments for a different kind of breaking and entering are:

  1. Burglary in the second degree:- when the accused enters the premises with an intent to commit a crime like theft or damage of property. Such offense is classified under a class C felony where the punishment is 5 years jail and $50,000 fine.
  2. Burglary of first degree:-in this case the offender violates Alaska law code 11.46.310 and enters a residential apartment and possesses a firearm or burglary tool and causes damage to people or property. Such offense is a class B felony which includes 10 years jail sentence and $100,000 fine
  3. Criminal trespassing: - In this case, an individual or a group of people have entered into a secured space without permission and have tampered with security devices, CCTV cameras, or any other evidence.
  4. Possession of burglary tools:- in this case the person possessing burglary tools is a crime under AS 11.46.130 and this is classified under a Class A misdemeanor. If the prime accused has caused any physical damage using these tools, he/she will be charged with felony charges.

The statutes of limitations in Alaska for breaking and entering is six months to one year for breaking and entering charges

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Repeated offenders punishment

Repeated offenders are punished even harshly in Alaska. Repeated offenders are directly charged under class B felony and jailed for more than 10 years and fined for $100,000

Alaska breaking and entering law is written according to the state’s general assembly and in alignment with the federal laws of the USA. Anyone who is punished under breaking and entering charge is jailed for a major portion of their life. Post their release, they find it hard to get a job or housing to stay with. Hence the state runs rehabilitation centers for employing their convicts and helps them lead a comfortable life.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
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