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Charles S. Dutton Arrest RecordsCharles S. Dutton, originally named Charles Stanley Dutton, is an actor from America, who was born in the USA’s Baltimore, Maryland on 30th January 1951. He is best known in the industry for his mentionable roles in the TV series ‘Roc’, which aired between 1991 and 1994. He has also starred in the movie ‘The Piano Lesson’, released in the year 1995. Other movies that Dutton has under his belt include names like ‘Rudy’, ‘Alien 3’, ‘Gothika’ and ‘A Time to Kill’.

Currently 69 years of age, Dutton continues his acting career, along with endeavors in direction, with his most recent association being with HBO in the year 2007, whereby the company had announced signing a contract with Dutton allowing him to direct, develop and act in different series and movies that the network produces. Notable directorial ventures by Charles S. Dutton include the miniseries from HBO named, ‘The Corner’, which was adapted from a book by Ed Burns and David Simon.
Career highlights

During his acting life, Charles S. Dutton has acted in several movies and television series, with his most recent movie being the ‘The Perfect Guy’, which released in the year 2015, and his most recent television movie being ‘Bessie’, which also released in the same year. Dutton had been previously charged with manslaughter and possession of firearms when he was just a teenager and had served several years in prison, details of which would be elaborated upon later in this article.

Charles S. Dutton Criminal Records

Despite his dark past, Dutton refused to be brought down by his circumstances and joined the Towson University, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Arts and major in drama, in the year 1978. He also has a degree in Associate of Arts from Hagerstown Junior College in the year 1976, which he completed during his incarceration. Dutton has also been nominated for the Golden Globes Awards, for his brilliant performance in ‘The Piano Lesson’ and has also been awarded NAACP Image Awards thrice and the Primetime Emmy Awards thrice in his career.
Story of the crime

Charles S. Dutton was charged and convicted with manslaughter in the year 1967, after getting into a fight on the streets with a man. The man later died because of the injuries he had suffered during the fight, resulting in Dutton’s incarceration. Dutton had trained as an amateur boxer after having dropped out of school when he was only 12 years old. He used to fight in the ring with the pseudonym ‘Roc’. According to Dutton, the man had started the fight and had even threatened him with a knife.
However, Dutton was trained to use his fists as deadly weapons and the other man was soon overwhelmed by the boxing skills Dutton's head and succumbed to his injuries. This crime resulted in Dutton being awarded a five-year prison sentence, which he spent in the Maryland House of Correction.

Dutton got out on parole after 18-20 months, during which time he was arrested again for possessing an illegal weapon and on charges of robbery. This resulted in a further three-year jail sentence, which he served in the Maryland Penitentiary. While inside the prison, Dutton got into a fight with one of the guards, resulting in his prison sentence being extended by eight more years.

Charles S. Dutton Police Records
Dutton had also been stabbed by an ice pick, used by another inmate after the duo had gotten into an argument of sorts. Although Dutton almost lost his life during this altercation, the incident was also somewhat responsible for the future actor to be introduced to the world of arts, after he got sent to solitary confinement for getting into the fight and was only allowed one book to take with himself while in solitary.

Ironically, Dutton chose a book that focused on black playwrights, and upon reading the same, he was immensely inspired. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey that Charles S. Dutton was going to embark upon, and soon after being released from prison on parole on 20th August 1976, Dutton went on to realize his dreams of becoming an actor, and the rest is history.

The story of Charles S. Dutton is nothing short of inspirational, which shows us that even when hardships stare you in the eye, determination and a positive outlook towards life can change everything.

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