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Clark County Detention Center Information

Clark County is a dynamic and innovative organization with jurisdiction which covers the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and encompasses an area the size of New Jersey, Clark is the nation's 14th-largest county and provides extensive regional services to more than 2.25 million citizens. The sheriff's office administers the Clark County detention center.

The Mission and goals of Clark County Detention Center

The mission and purpose of the Clark County Detention Center are to serve the citizens of Clark County and provide a safe, secure and supportive correctional environment while protecting the well-being of the community. Currently, 282 inmates are living in the detention center.

How do people contact inmates at the detention center?

You can contact an inmate at the Clark County detention center through the following ways:

1. Mail
Inmates are allowed to connect with anyone outside of this facility, as long as the correspondence does not come in the form of any State or Federal law. The center only accepts postcards unless it is legal to mail. Prisoners will not be prevented from corresponding with other prisoners who are incarcerated in this facility.

All incoming mail, other than a legal letter, will be opened and inspected for contraband before it is delivered to the inmate.  Any contraband will be confiscated for possible prosecution. You can send an inmate mail to the following address, Clark County Detention Center, 30 Wall Street, Winchester, Kentucky 40391, c/o the inmate’s name.

Clark County Detention Center

2. Telephony
You can contact an inmate through a phone. 

3. Visitation
Adult visitors need to have a picture ID to visit. Children under 18 have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. All visitors are subjected to a search of their person and property.

Clergy Visits
The Clark County Detention Center to facilitates free exercise of religious beliefs. The practice of religious beliefs is limited only by legitimate security and operational considerations. Clergy can visit inmates at any reasonable time with proper identification.
Attorney Visits
Attorneys may visit their clients at a reasonable time with appropriate ID. The Jailer or his designee shall ensure the right of the inmates to confidential access to their attorney as long as said access does not endanger the safety and security of the facility and the persons therein.

4. Commissary
The Clark County Detention Center provides commissary services to all inmates. The detention center offers several different ways for inmates to receive money from friends and family. Commissary orders are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Clark County Detention Center Inmate Search

There is a kiosk in the main lobby, and you can cash or debit/credit cards. Fees apply.


Money orders are to be sent via US Mail. No money order or cash is accepted by the Staff at the detention center. The Inmate’s Name must be used to issue a money order.
Money which is placed on an inmate's account may be used to satisfy outstanding debts.

Programs and services provided to inmates
The Clark County detention center offers programs and services like:
1. Church Services - It gives space for inmates to grow spiritually and connect with the higher form.
2. Narcotics Anonymous - Majority of the inmates deal with narcotic addiction, which affects their productivity and state of mind. Narcotics Anonymous helps them deal with their problem.
3. Alcoholics Anonymous - The program allows inmates who deal with alcohol addiction
4. GED
5. Life Skills - To help them cope with living in a society as a productive member of the community when they re-enter.
6. Parenting - Helps them gain perspective and actively participate in their children's life.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 23, 2019
Sensitive Information!