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How to Check and Search for Criminal Records in Colorado?

Why Check Criminal Records?

Criminal records are records of arrest and convictions of persons. A criminal record lets you know if someone has committed a serious offense in the past. If an organization wishes to recruit someone, particularly for an important position, they would like to confirm that the person does not have a criminal record. This is the reason why criminal record checks are carried out. A criminal record check is usually carried out in the form of a background check.

Background Checks to Search Criminal Records in Colorado

A background check is a complete check of the background of a person. While there may be other components of a background check like education qualification check, the main aspect is checking criminal records. All records of arrests, conviction, sex offender registry, jail records would be searched to find out if a person’s name appears anywhere.

Colorado has public record websites where it is possible to get a free background check done. There are county-level and city-level records that can be accessed online free of charge, without having to pay anything. The state of Colorado has public record databases that facilitate free background checks. You can access the following records from Colorado public portals:

1) Court records: Courts in the state maintain records of cases and convictions. These records can be accessed online to find out if a person has been convicted of a crime.

Colorado Criminal Records Search

2) Arrest records: Colorado maintains criminal records that have fingerprints stored in them. This is known as the CCH database – Computerized Criminal History database, that has a complete list of arrests.

3) Sex offender records: Local law enforcement agencies at the county and city level would maintain the sex offender registry. This contains details of persons who have declared a sex offender by a court, based on criminal convictions in sex offenses.

Online Record Check

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations maintains a record of criminals online. This can be checked If you want to search your own criminal records, you can use the option to search for individual records. If you want to search records of others, you need to create an account and use. Name-based search option is available. Additional details like social security number, last name, and date of birth can ensure a quick search.

This check on the bureau’s website is a paid search. You can pay the necessary fee, as applicable on that date by credit card. On payment, the records would be displayed for you and you can find out if the person whose details you are searching has a criminal record. These records are for the state of Colorado. Federal records are not available here. If you want, then you need to use a federal database, like that of the FBI to find these records.

Criminal   Records Search Colorado

Records Not Available

While it is possible to access most public records for a criminal check, certain records are not available. In the state of Colorado, you cannot access the following records:

1) Records of arrest where fingerprints are not available. If for any reason, fingerprints have not been taken during an arrest, then such criminal records will not be available for public searches.

2) Juvenile records are not available for a public search. Records of offenses by juveniles are not available in the state of Colorado.

3) Any record that is sealed by a court of law is not available for public access. Records pertaining to an acquittal, dismissal of the complaint, would be sealed on request. The judge would decide if a record has to be sealed or even permanently deleted. Such records would not be available.

Colorado Online Criminal Records Search

Criminal records are available in public records, so by performing a public records search, you can find people's criminal history. Nowadays, you can perform a Colorado criminal records search by contacting authorities that maintain public records. With such a search, you will need to fill out forms and pay for each search. Then, you will need to wait to get the search results, usually between several days to several weeks.

To save yourself the time, you can use an online public records search directory that will provide you with answers within minutes and not days. How is the search performed? An online Colorado criminal records search is performed after you enter an identifying detail about the person that you are searching. When the search ends, you will get a report about the person in question. Professional public records search sites provide an unlimited search service, so you will be able to perform unlimited searches for as many people as you want.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!