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Connecticut Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Connecticut

If you want to look up the criminal record of someone living in Connecticut, it can be done by following a few steps. Now, if you are doing it for the first time, then it might seem confusing to you and hence, this post will ease up the process by explaining it to you in details. You will learn about both basic and complex methods of finding criminal records of a person in Connecticut.

Basic Methods

Judicial Website of Connecticut

The Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut has a dedicated website where you can look up all the motor vehicle cases that have happened statewide. The best thing about this process is that it is completely free. Apart from this, you can also check the arrest warrants that have been issued to a person due to a violation of probation or failure to appear. You can also check the orders to incarcerate. But the only drawback is that the criminal records that you will find on this website go back only up to a span of 10 years from now. So, if you are looking for a record that goes beyond the time span of a decade, then the alternative methods listed here will be of help.

Department of Public Safety

The department of Connecticut State Police always keeps a database of criminal records. Any individual’s records will be present here throughout their life and will be removed only after they are deceased. You can find electronic records to as far as the 1990s because that is when the database had originated. But the historical paper records present in the department date back to even before that. All you need to do is full out a form and send it to the Connecticut State Police along with a fee of $50. The process might be a bit tedious but you stay assured about the authenticity of the report as it comes straight from the police.

Connecticut Criminal Records Search


When it comes to white-collar matters, a person might face criminal charges due to several federal statutes. Thus, the online federal court docket system which is also known by the name of PACER is where you will get the U.S. District Court criminal records which also include those of Connecticut. You can access records to as far as 1961 through this system.


On-Site Court Checks

For this method, you will have to find out the county that the person is residing in. This will open the option of checking with the local court present in that county. These courts are the hub of all criminal record information and so they also serve as one of the best ways to look for criminal records. You can also take the help of a court retriever who belongs to the local jurisdiction and your process will become way easier.

Third-Party Database

As already mentioned before, the Judicial website of Connecticut can provide you with a database that dates back only to a decade. Obtaining criminal records before that can be done through the help of third-party databases.

Connecticut  Criminal Records

Local Police Department Inquiry

If none of the above-mentioned procedures seem helpful to you, checking with the local police department might just work. You should never leave any stone unturned. If you know where the person resided then you can straight away go to the police station of that place and inquire about their criminal record.

If you are an employer in Connecticut and looking for a way to screen your applicants properly, any of the above-mentioned procedures will prove to be helpful. But for a fairer practice, expunged records are treated as if they didn’t exist.

Connecticut Online Criminal Records Search

As you can see, searching for criminal records with law enforcement agencies can take quite some time, especially if you need to find Connecticut criminal records of several people. So, what can you do instead? How can you find Connecticut criminal records quickly and easily? Like with many other queries, the answers lie with the internet; you can easily perform an online Connecticut criminal records search with a search engine that provides access to criminal records.

After you choose the best public records search directory for you, you will be able to perform a quick Connecticut online criminal records search. How do you do it? All you have to do for such a search is to provide one piece of information about the person that you are searching, like their full name. After you do so, the search engine you picked will scan that person's public records in search for their Connecticut criminal records. So, when the search is complete, you will get a report that includes the person's criminal history. These types of queries are complete within minutes, so you will not have to wait for several days to get the criminal records search results. 

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 17, 2019
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