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Courtney Love Arrest RecordsCortney Love is an American songwriter, singer, and actress. She is popularly called the Queen of grunge and was a significant figure in the punk music industry of the 1990s. She rose to fame after joining band Hole as the lead vocalist. Courtney Love has been arrested a few times and has had several altercations with authorities.

Cortney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964 in San Francisco. Her Godfather is Phil Lesh the bassist and founder of Grateful Dead, and she is the granddaughter of novelist Paula Fox. Courtney believes her name was inspired by the protagonist’s name in Pamela Moore’s book called Chocolates for Breakfast.

Courtney Love lives a greatly publicized personal life following her marriage with Nirvana's lead vocalist Kurt Cobain. She also continues to make the headlines for her confrontational song lyrics and uninhabited stage performances.

Courtney Love Criminal Records

Her career has stretched over many decades and she has been involved with many controversies of the showbiz. She is famously known for threatening to hit a journalist with Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar, and she also made the news for throwing makeup at Madonna. In contrast to the wild public figure Love is a practitioner of the Buddhist faith who admittedly in spare time reads books by Susan Sontag and watches Netflix with her girlfriends.

She never misses the Sunday gospel service by Kanye West and is always found in the front row of all fashion weeks, across the globe. Her inner circle is made of different artists, writers, rock stars, supermodels, poets, and fashion designers.
Criminal Record and Arrest
Drug abuse

In her career Love has had some serious altercations with the authorities for several reasons. She was arrested in 2004 in Los Angeles for being under the influence of a controlled substance. The police were called after she broke many windows in a friend’s home and was witnessed verbally abusing the bystanders. For that, she was released on bail for $2,500.

Just after she was released by the Los Angeles Police Department she called the paramedics to her house from where she was carried to Century City Hospital for a drug overdose. After that incident Love has been charged with possession of marijuana and substance abuse. In the state of California Love is fighting two felony charges for possession of the controlled substance.

In 2003 Love was arrested for an attempted break-in at an ex-boyfriend’s home, where she made the suicidal threats after she overdosed on painkillers. During this incident, she lost custody of her daughter Frances Bean and plead guilty to misdemeanor charges.

Courtney Love Police Records

Reckless endangerment

The next big arrest was for reckless endangerment of an audience member during one of her performances in New Your city. Love was performing a club called Plaid in the lower Manhattan area, for 400 guests. During her performance on the stage, Love threw a microphone stand into the audience that stuck a young man of 24 years old. According to the other witnesses and audience members.

Love was completely unaware of this incident and continued with her onstage performance. The victim was rushed to the hospital with minor head injuries and bruises. After her performance was over, the police detained her after the guy pressed charges for reckless endangerment.

That same before her performance she was at the David Letterman Show where she flashed Letterman on National television and thought that it was hilarious. Among all these charges, after the demise of Curt Cobain, Love had also been fighting a custody battle for their daughter. She lost the court battle and temporary custody of the girl has been given to Cobain’s sister and mother.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
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