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Criminal Charges Explained 

To bring suspects to justice, whether it is punishment or acquittal, certain steps have to be taken. Part of the process is filing a criminal charge against a person who has been suspected of a crime. Such a charge helps authorities bring potential criminals to justice, and here is what you need to know about criminal charges in the US, and how to search criminal charges in public records and public records websites.

What are Criminal Charges?

Criminal charges are made by government authorities, such as the police or public prosecutors, and they are formal accusations that claim that a certain person has committed a crime. There are several types of criminal charge document in the United States details one or the more crimes that have been allegedly committed by a suspect. The information in a criminal charge may include several details, such as information (formal criminal charge), indictment, complaint, citation, traffic ticket, etc.

The purpose of criminal charges is to start criminal cases in courts, and the process defers from one state to the other in the US. If the suspect of a crime is proven to have committed a crime beyond the reasonable doubt, they are guilty of a criminal charge.

Criminal Charges
What Happens After Criminal Charges are Submitted?

US residents have several constitutional rights when they face criminal charges. The constitutional rights include habeas corpus (when a person can report unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court), the right to remain silent and the right to get an attorney. So, when facing criminal charges, a person can claim their legal rights pending trial and determining he/she are guilty or innocent.

There are several crime categories and criminal charges that range from minor crimes, such as a traffic violation, to more serious crimes, such as armed robbery and murder. Once a person is charged with a criminal offense, they will be taken into custody and tried in the state where they committed the crime.

If a suspect is found guilty of committing a crime, he/she will be punished according to the federal and state laws. Punishments are determined based on the severity of the crime, and they range from fines, through probation to jail/prison time.

Search Criminal Charges
Criminal Charges Reckoning

There are many cases where people are unaware that are criminal charges issued against them. To find out if a person has a pending criminal charge, they can perform a "reckoning" to discover if they are charged with any crimes.

If you fear that an authority filed criminal charges against you, you can hire an attorney who will find out if and where there you were charged with a crime. You can also contact the court system in the state where you think you may be facing criminal charges. Another method for searching criminal records and criminal charges is by using a website that provides public records data.

In all US states, there are personal records that are available to the public, including court records and police records. To find out if you or any person you know have current/past criminal charges, you can use a public records site that provides such data.

By entering the full name/phone number/physical address/email address of the person in question into the criminal charges search directory, you can easily find criminal records. Public records websites scan court records, police records, arrest records, etc., in a matter of minutes and quickly provide criminal information.

Criminal charges have to be proven as true or false, and you can find out if you or any person you know have pending criminal charges made against you in any US state.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!