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Emile Hirsch Arrest RecordsEmile Hirsch is an American actor who has born and raised in California state and is best known for his role in Into the Wild. He grew up in Santa Fe and Los Angeles and made his on-screen Hollywood debut in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys in 2002. After his debut, he has appeared in many TV series and played many film characters. His fans generally perceived him as a shy and decent guy. That is why when the news spread of him violently attacking a lady film executive, most people could not believe it.
Emile Hirsch had later admitted that he had issues with alcoholism. Although before this incident he was never arrested for any crime. On 2nd January 2018, Emile Hirsch went to a pop-up nightclub in Park City, Utah. He was there in the VIP booth with some of his friends and colleagues for several hours drinking and partying.

After that eyewitnesses claim, two people had to come and separate Emile Hirsch from a woman, who he had chocked unconscious. In Emile Hirsch one of his interviews he had once said, he had always been half in and half out of his shell. He thinks there are two sides to his character, one can be extremely shy and the other can be extremely wild.

Emile Hirsch Criminal Records
Crime and punishment

For assaulting the female studio executive, as part of his plea deal with Utah District Attorney’s office, he pleaded guilty for a Class A misdemeanor. He went to Utah state prison for two weeks, after pleading guilty to the assault. His charges were aggravated assault and intoxication. Along with two weeks of imprisonment had to pay a fine of $4800 and have to do 50 hours of community service. After the judgment was given by Judge Kara Pettit, he said to the press that there was no excuse for his behavior and is ashamed that it ever happened.
The altercation apparently started when the film executive, Bernfeld, called Emile Hirsch a rich kid who was trying to look tough. Hirsch was quite drunk by that time, and both started verbally abusing each other. This lead to Emile Hirsch putting her into chokehold so strong that Bernfeld couldn’t breathe and blacked out on the floor before two bystanders pulled Emile Hirsch off her. After the arrest, Hirsch claimed he did not personally know Bernfeld and was too drunk to realize what he had done.
Emile Hirsch after being arrested spent 34 days in rehab and later blamed the enormous amount of alcohol that he had consumed for his actions. He also says he has no memory of his actions from that night. The victim Bernfeld, wrote a letter to Utah court that the punishment was not enough for the crime committed.

Emile Hirsch Police Records
Criminal record

If Emile Hirsch completes all the tasks and gives the fine as agreed with the Utah Defense Attorney’s Office, the crime will be dropped from his permanent records, and is debt to society would be considered to be paid. Bernfeld along with some other group of activists do believe that he was given a light sentence due to his celebrity status.

For all this Emile Hirsch released a statement saying how sorry he was to know that he had put Bernfeld through such a horrible experience, and wishes to never repeat his mistake with anyone.
Many of Emile Hirsch’s friends have described him as the ‘wild one’ in any party. People close to him believe he becomes a whole different person after a few drinks. Emile Hirsch still hopes that he can patch things up with Bernfeld, and she will forgive him.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 13, 2022
Sensitive Information!