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Florida City Crime Rate - Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Florida

Here is an amazing piece of news that may thrill the residents of Florida and it is that the crime rate here is "the lowest in 47 years." This was announced by Rick Scott, Governor of Florida. Of course, governments are aware that criminals are making use of new technologies for carrying out their nefarious activities. That may be the reason that may have prompted the authorities to put in place appropriate measures to restrict crimes. Perhaps, this is what is yielding results, and that is why the crime rate in Florida has come down drastically. Of course, it cannot be said that crimes have completely vanished. Let us now delve deep and find out the crime rate as well as the most committed crimes in the state.

Florida crime rate trends during 2016 Vs. 2019

According to the statistics available, there is a complete downward trend as far as the crime rate of Florida is concerned. Both violent crimes and property crimes are decreasing. Therefore, experts firmly believe that the crime rate for 2019 will continue to be low. Contrary to the trend that prevails now, the figures during 2016 showed a different picture altogether. The rate of violent crimes of the state was higher by 8.37% than that of the national average. Similarly, the rate of property crime that prevailed in the state during 2016 was also higher by 9.63% than the national average.

Florida City Crime Rate

Florida Crime rates during 2016

There were 59,816 aggravated assaults during 2016, 100,325 burglary incidents, 410,352 larceny and thefts, 43,135 motor vehicle thefts, 1,111 manslaughter-related incidents, 7,598 rapes, and 20,175 robberies. This means that the total number of crime incidents during 2016 was 642,512. As far as the number of property crimes is concerned, it stood at 553,812 whereas the number of violent crimes stood at 88,700. 

Safest cities in Florida

Though the state has become safer than what it was during 2016, there are a few cities that are safer than others. They are Islandia, Jennings, Indian River Shores, Apalachicola, Westville, Jupiter Inlet Colony, Boca Grande, Caryville, Myakka City, and Altha. 

Annual crime rates in Florida

The number of annual violent crimes is 85,625, the rate of which is 4.08 per 1,000 residents. When compared to the national median of 4, the rate of violent crimes in Florida is just 4.08. These crimes consist of 1,057 murders, 7,940 rapes, 18,597 robberies, and 58,031 assaults. 

Florida Crime Rate

As far as the number of annual property crimes is concerned, it is 527,220; the rate of which is 25.12 per 1,000 residents. While the national median is 24, the rate of property crimes in Florida is slightly higher and stands at 25.12. These property crimes consist of 88,853 burglary incidents, 395,453 thefts, and 42,914 motor vehicle thefts.   

Though it is not clear if the Florida administration is adopting tailored programs for controlling the crime rate in the state and the city, the fact that crimes have come down drastically is gladdening. But authorities should keep in mind that the scope for increase in crime rates still looms large because unlike earlier times, crimes have expanded to more areas that include sex, gambling, shopping, and of course, the Internet. 

This means that authorities should take into consideration the severity of various types of crimes and put in place appropriately tailored programs for countering the potential increase in the crime rates. They should also keep in mind the fact that all the crimes are not reported. For example, the data about arson are not available with the authorities. This being the case, it is imperative that they must explore the possibility of putting in place specialized ways of gathering information.

But as of now and according to the data available, assaults rank first in the list of the most committed crimes in Florida. In the category of property crimes, thefts stand at the top.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
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