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Georgia City Crime Rate - Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Georgia

Though according to the data available, the crime rate in the state of Georgia has come down, authorities should remember that there is always a potential for an increase in the number of crimes. They should also remember that criminals are cleverer than anybody else and that they find out newer ways for indulging in their activities. This means that authorities should ensure that they are always a step ahead so they can keep these evil-minded criminals at bay.   

Let us now find out more on Georgia crime rates.

Georgia crime trendsGeorgia government authorities point out that there is a downward trend in crime rates that include both violent crimes and property crimes. This pronouncement has been made based on the data gathered for the last 17 years. This downward trend has prompted the authorities to confidently say that the crime rates will continue to come down during 2019 as well.

But ironically, the crime rates during 2016 were higher than the national averages. While the rate of violent crimes during 2016 was higher by 0.12% than the national average, that of property crimes was higher by a whopping 22.59% than the national average.

Georgia City Crime Rate

Georgia crime rates during 2016

Data about the year 2016 reveal that the number of aggravated assaults during the year stood at 24,595. While the data about arson are not available, the details related to other types of crimes are burglaries 63,344, larceny and thefts 219,625, motor vehicle thefts 26,801, murder and manslaughter 681, rapes 3,509, and robberies 12,205. The total number of crime incidents during the year was 350,760. As far as the numbers of property crimes and violent crimes are concerned, they stood at 309,770 and 40,990 respectively.

Ten safest cities of Georgia

Though it is true that there is an overall downward trend in the crime rates in the state of Georgia, there are a few cities that are considered safer than others. They are Rayle, Braswell, Midville, Register, Woodland, Lumpkin, Irwinton, Patterson, Doerun, and Shiloh. 

Annual crime rates in Georgia

The number of annual violent crimes stands at 37,258, and this comes to 3.57 per 1,000 residents. That this rate is just 3.57 as against the national median of 4 is a valid point that justifies the claim of the authorities that there is a downward trend in the crime rate. These violent crimes consist of 703 murders, 2,718 rapes, 10,044 robberies, and 23,793 assaults. 

Georgia Crime Rate

The number of annual property crimes stands at 298,298, and this works out to 28.60 per 1,000 residents. This rate of 28.60 is certainly higher than the national median of 24. These property crimes consist of 55,374 burglaries, 216,661 thefts, and 26,263 motor vehicle thefts.

It is true that exploring and finding the right ways to counter the potential increase in crime rates cannot be a smooth ride. Though Georgia government authorities hope that the downward trend that is prevalent now will continue in 2019 also, they cannot achieve success in this aim unless they put in the right type of efforts. 

Gathering of vital information and data plays a very important role in zeroing in on the right ways and implementing them. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that all the crimes are reported. As can be seen from the available data, the details that pertain to arson are either not available, or these incidents are reported inconsistently. That may be the reason that has prompted the FBI to caution users of data against comparing the statistics by population coverage alone. In other words, data users should take into account other variables and factors as well before making their conclusions. 

From the data that are available now, it can be made out that assaults stand first in the list of most committed violent crimes and thefts rank the first in the list of most committed property crimes.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!