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Idaho Criminal Record Expungement: Learn How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Idaho

Any person who has been convicted of a crime may have to suffer from life-long and severe repercussions. The job market today is highly competitive and any kind of criminal conviction albeit irrelevant or insignificant may create a distinction between clinching that dream job of yours and unemployment. Also, when you have a mention of a conviction in your records, it can affect you from getting federal student loans, security clearances, a professional license, and proper housing among others.

Contrary to several other states in the United States, getting a criminal record expunged in Idaho is possible only in certain scenarios:

  1. Any individual acquitted of all charges popping up from criminal summons or an arrest may have the criminal history and the fingerprint record taken with respect to the event expunged upon the written request of that person. However, that exclude cases where such charges were dismissed or amended and they must be acquitted after a trial,
  2. Any individual who was convicted of a juvenile crime
  3. Any individual was served or arrested with criminal summons, as well as, who was not charged by indictment subsequently within a year of the summons or arrest.

How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Idaho
Sealing criminal records of juveniles in Idaho

Juvenile convictions and records in Idaho can be sealed under certain scenarios. A sealed record in Idaho is not available for public access without any court order. In case a person was imprisoned as a juvenile or was convicted of a felony, he/she can get their records sealed in case:

5 years passed since either

  1. The person became 18-year-old,
  2. They were released, or
  3. The court ended its jurisdiction, whichever is the most current one).

Record sealing for a juvenile should be always submitted in writing. It is for the court to review such a request and then decide whether to reject or approve the Idaho criminal record expungement.

Sealing and Idaho expunge criminal records

According to Idaho law, there are limitations on sealing and expungement of criminal records of the adults in the state. There are several convictions, which cannot be expunged. You can, however, expunge deferred judgments, arrest records, and details mentioned on the Sex Offender Registry of Idaho.

You can request for criminal record expungement Idaho in case:

  1. You were acquitted, r
  2. Although you were arrested, you were not slapped with a criminal charge

You can ask the State Police of Idaho under one of the above scenarios to expunge the record. In order to ask for the expungement of criminal records, an Expungement Application has to be filed with the State Police of Idaho. A copy of the acquittal order of the court should be also attached to your application.

A partial expungement or deferred sentencing is also allowed in Idaho. There are specific circumstances when you can get a criminal charge dismissed or downgrade the charge to a misdemeanor after you complete the probation terms. A request in writing should be filed with the court. The court will make a decision on your eligibility.

Idaho Criminal Record Expungement
Sex offender registry and expungement

In case you need to register yourself as a sex offender in Idaho, you can be exempted from registry requirements 10 years after your

  1. Parole supervised release or probation
  2. Release from the prison

Also, it is compulsory for you to complete your sex offender treatment, as well as, furnish proof that you did not commit extra crimes and not a risk to your community any longer. However, a hearing at the court may be a requirement.

In case you acquire exemption from reporting as a sex offender, you can request the court for expungement of your information from the Sex Offender Registry of Idaho. That, however, will not expunge the conviction. It will just remove your details from the state registry.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!