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How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Illinois?

If you want to look up some conviction information or criminal record of someone in Illinois, then the Illinois State Police's Bureau of Identification is where you should go and request it from.

On January 1, 1991, an act was passed called the Illinois Uniform Conviction Information Act (ILUCIA). This act requires the State of Illinois to maintain and disseminate all conviction information in a proper and uniform manner. This should be done through the Bureau of Identification.

The act also says that until and unless there is no restriction on the information being released, the public should be able to access all of it. It has also put forward guidelines that help to ensure the accurateness of the information that is displayed to the public.

The sole purpose of the passing of ILUCIA was to make the entire process of updating and obtaining criminal records much more streamlined and easy. The chance of any information being wrong has also been minimized with the passing of this act.

So this has made it way easier for anyone who is willing to obtain any information on criminal records. For this, you will have to seek the information on the website of Illinois State Police. You will find an entire section on criminal records there.

Illinois Criminal Records Search

Step-By-Step Breakdown of Obtaining Criminal Records

Visit the website of the Illinois State Police and there you will find a tab labeled as Criminal History. On clicking that tab you will get the Uniform Conviction Information Form. You will that there are two types of forms present. One is the Fingerprint Request Form and the other one is a Non-Fingerprint Request Form.

As you may have understood from the name, the Fingerprint Request Form will perform the search based on the fingerprint that is present in the form whereas the Non-Fingerprint Request Form will perform the search through attributes like name, date of birth, sex and race.

If you choose to fill out the Fingerprint Request Form, then you will have to visit a location that performs the live scan fingerprinting so that your fingerprints can be taken. A Transaction Control Number will be issued to you at that point. This number is crucial because you will be inputting that in the form.

Firstly, you will have to take the Conviction Information Request Form and fill it out. Then you will have to submit the filled out form to the Illinois State Police's Bureau of Identification. You will also have to submit a fee along with the form. The fee for a Fingerprint Request Form is $20 while that of a Non-Fingerprint Request Form is $16. You can either pay through money order or through check.

Once you have completed the form filling and paying of the fee, your request will be sent to the Bureau of Identification. But you always need to recheck whether you have entered the right address or not as each type of form is sent to a different address.

Criminal Records Search Illinois

In total, both types of forms require a couple of weeks to get processed. You will get the copy of the criminal record sent to you by mail in about five to ten days.

Alternatively, the police have also come up with another system where they mail the form to the person’s address after the person submits their basic personal information. The individual will also get a Transaction Control Number (TCN), a Document Control Number (DCN) and a personal barcode on the form. The barcode is scanned when you submit the filled out form. The process then begins immediately.

Illinois Online Criminal Records Search

For a quicker and easier Illinois criminal records search, you can use an online directory that can provide you with access to the state's public records. An online Illinois criminal records search is performed in minutes, so you can find out about people's criminal past in no time at all. How is the search performed? First, you need to type in a piece of information about the person you are searching, like their full name or phone number.

This information in public records is attached to people's identifying details, so the search engine you chose will collect data based on those details. When the Illinois criminal records search is over, you will get a report about the individual you are searching that contains, among other things, a detailed account of their criminal history.

So these are some of the ways in which you can check the criminal records in the state of Illinois.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!