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Indiana Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Indiana

In Indiana, a criminal record is regarded as an official document, which records the criminal history of a person. The details are gathered and then updated from the state, county, and local jurisdictions, state, and county correctional facilities, courts of appeals, and trial courts.

Although the standard maintained for storage and collection of criminal records may not be same in all the counties, a large chunk of criminal records in this state are arranged in the online record depositories and can be made available to the public. The criminal records are available as a Criminal Background Report. It is possible to access this report through different courts, the official State Records Online Databases of Indiana, and police departments of the state.

The kind of criminal records details available on may differ from case to case. The reason for the same is different sources frequently have no standards for state-level storage classifications, protocols, digitization, and organization processes used in gathering information.

Arrest Records in Indiana

It is a formal document offering information about an individual, who is taken into custody, placed in detention, apprehended, or is questioned. An arrest record may also constitute details for those people who have been charged with and/or held for investigation, tried, or indicted for any kind of felony, any other crimes by any military authority, or law enforcement agency, or a misdemeanor. A police officer can only arrest the accused when they have adequate reason to believe that the latter has committed a crime.

Indiana Criminal Records Search
Arrest Warrants in Indiana

It is a formal document signed, as well as, issued by a magistrate or a judge thus acting on the behalf of the state and local jurisdictions. An arrest warrant authorizes the cops to detain or arrest the people or an individual whose name appears in the arrest warrant or seize or search the property of the individual.

In Indiana, the state law specifies that an individual can be arrested without or with a warrant. An arrest warrant should include the name of the defendant. If the defendant’s name is unknown, then a description or name that can identify the defendant should be available on the warrant. The warrant also has a mention of the offense charged and the command that led to the arrest of the defendant.

Criminal Records, Background Checks and Arrest Records in Indiana

In Indiana, the State Police performs the background checks. Any person can request a report called Limited Criminal History through an online system by paying a fee. The request will generate a report, which will show a conviction list that is more than 12 months old and arrests that are less than 12 months old. In case the request for the check is for a government or licensing position, that agency will conduct the background check. Any employer who desires for their candidate’s criminal background check should obtain a duly signed authorization form produced by the applicant prior to procuring one of the reports.

State of Indiana Criminal Records

Inmate and Jail Records of Indiana

In order to procure details of the offenders in India, you can go to the website of the Indiana Department of Corrections. You may search this website to find out details of an offender you are interested in by typing their first name and last name online. The search result will include details such as the conviction of the offender, earliest probable release date, and their current location.

Court Records of Indiana

In Indiana, details on the state courts can be procured through the website of the administrator of the courts. In case you would wish to get the court files’ hard or printed copies, you have to make a request from the relevant court.

Indiana Online Criminal Records Search

If you want to get a report with full criminal data about people in Indiana, like their arrest records, court records, sex offender registry data, and more, you can perform an online Indiana criminal records search. With online public records search directories, you will be able to find Indiana criminal records quickly and easily, and without having to contact every authority that maintains such records.

There are several public records search websites where you can find criminal records and perform an online search very quickly. Once you enter information about the person that you are looking for, the directory you chose will gather data from public records and provide it to you in the form of a report. The report will contain data from criminal records, so you will be able to find out who has an Indiana criminal record, and for what offenses.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!