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Jeffery Jones Arrest RecordsJeffery Jones is a famous celebrity actor in America. He has appeared in many television series and movies. He was born in Buffalo, New York. His parents are Ruth Schooley and Douglas Bennett Jones. Jones completed his graduation from Putney School. For further studies, Jones joined Lawrence University. In 1969, he took up a course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Later, Jones was also associated with Stratford Theatre in Stratford in Ontario for three years.

Jeffery Jones and Lloy Cloutts met in Stratford, Ontario. They have a son named Julian Coutts. Lloy Cloutts was professionally employed as a Canadian voice coach.
Birth Name: Jeffery Duncan Jones
Birth Date: 28 September 1946 in Buffalo, New York
Height: 6 feet 4.5 inches
Spouse: Lloy Cloutts (1941 to 2008)
Children: Julian Cloutts (Actor and Producer)
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Career Highlights

Jeffery Jones planned to make a career in the field of medicine. But he began his acting career in the 1970s. Jones accepted assignments in short films and television series. He played an important vital role in movies like Amadeus, Beetlejuice, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. His performance was highly appreciated in all the above movies. The casting team of Easy Money noticed Jones acting skills and cast him in a supporting role opposite Rodney Dangerfield.

Jeffrey Jones Criminal Records
Notable Achievements

In 1974, Jones made to the list of famed Actors Theater group of Louisville for roles ranging from William Shakespeare to Frankenstein.
Jones Dubbed voice in various episodes of Tales from the Crypt (1989), Tales from the Crypt: Creep Course (1993) (10 November 1993). He gained popularity for his role as possessed by Dr. Walter Jenning in Howard the Duck (1986).

Career Downfalls

Jone's legal turmoil led to a downfall in his shining career. He remained inactive for many years from movies and television. He made a come back with a film called Hemingway and Gellhorn. He also played a supporting role in the film 10.0 Earthquake
Jones took up roles in movies like 7 Days, Deadwood: The Movie.
Between 2015 to 2018, Jones moved towards the theater. He restarted his work with 63 Trillion, a plays staged at the New American Theater. The play was directed by Steve Zuckerman. In March 2018, Jones took up a pivotal role in a play called Cocktail Hour. This play was presented at the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs Art Museum.

Story of Crime

In 2002, Jones found guilty under the charges of child pornography. Jones hired a teenage boy to pose for sexually explicit photographs. Felony and misdemeanor charges framed against Jones. Felony charges included offenses for hiring a minor and for taking obscene photos. Misdemeanor charges included for promoting child pornography. 
Jeffrey Jones Police Records

Jones was released on a bail amounting up to $20,000. In 2003, he was officially listed on the database of sex offenders by the U.S Department of Justice. Counseling sessions and a probation period of five years were also awarded. Later, the charges of child pornography were expunged.

In 2004 and 2010, Jones spent a few days behind bars for not renewing his criminal status. In 2006, the Federal Department of South Carolina was backlashed by the locals for concealing Jones's sex offender status. But a press release issued while promoting Deadwood: The Movie.

Jeffery Jones and Justin Bieber were photographed together in 2016. They were enacting Jone's role from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This Instagram image garnered 1.5 million likes. But a few days later this image was removed due to Jones's offender status.

Personal Quotes

According to one of his quotes, he never adopted any particular acting style or technique. He has the ability to add his own touch to the character.

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