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Kentucky City Crime Rate: Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Kentucky

Some cities have high crime rates while others have lower ones. It is always in the best interest to stay abreast about any crime development in your town. 

Kentucky with a population of about 4,454,189 has a crime index of about 23.55 per 1000 residents.

Kentucky violent crimes

There can be various types of crimes that are considered to be violent. They can happen in conjunction with multiple other crimes as well. But generally speaking, violent crimes consist of murder, rape, robbery, and assault.  A person stands a chance of falling prey to a violent crime in Kentucky by about 1 in 443. For every 1000 residents in Kentucky, there are 0.06 murders, rape 0.37, robbery 0.66 and 1.16 assault cases. There were about reported case of about 263 murders, 1,661 rape, 2,958 cases of robbery and 5,174 cases of assault. For the whole of the United States, there are reported cases of 17,284, murders, 135,755 rape, robbery 319,356 and 810,825 assault cases.

It is evident from the data that Kentucky is a place where there are high numbers of assault and robbery committed. Rape cases followed by murder cases are also quite frequent. Assault cases can be further divided into degrees, the first degree is the highest.

Kentucky City Crime Rate

Kentucky property crimes

A person who is residing in Kentucky can become a victim to property related crimes as frequently as 1 in 47 people. The broad categorization of property related crimes includes burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft.

Per 1000 resident, Kentucky witnesses 4.53 burglaries,14.46 theft, 2.30 motor vehicle theft. Property crimes in Kentucky that have been reported in the past year are 20,195 burglaries, 64,394 theft, 10,244 motor vehicle theft.

Most dangerous places to stay in Kentucky include Oak Grove, Winchester, Mayfield, Shively, and Bowling Green. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation compiles crime statistics, and it suggests the following places in Kentucky to be relatively safer. They are Wilmore, Cold Spring, Fort Tomas, Flatwoods, and Villa Hills.

Other crimes in Kentucky

Domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault at workplaces are also quite rampant in Kentucky. But they generally get categorized under assault or rape crimes. Aggravated assault and battery are two forms of violent crimes. The Kentucky state police have made sexual offender registry available through their official website.

Criminal justice gets delivered in the state of Kentucky depending on the counts and charges that are brought against the person who has committed the crime.

Kentucky has a 41.49% violent crime rate. It is lower than the national average while property related crime at 10.65% is also lower than the national average. 

Kentucky Crime Rate

Kentucky crime rate for the year 2016

There were 5,038 cases filed for Aggravated Assault. Arson data is not available. 20,834 of Burglary cases. 66,438 Larceny and Theft cases. 9,886 Motor Vehicle Theft cases. 260 Murder and Manslaughter reports. 1,161 Rapes. The robbery occurred 3,369 times.

So, the total Crime that took place were 107,466. Out of which 97,158 were property crimes and 10,308 violent crimes.

If a person gets convicted of any of the charges brought against him, then suitable punishment is given out depending on the crime. Multiple allegations and types of crimes can be tried in one case alone. In recent years the state of Kentucky has been witnessing a lesser number of crimes getting committed. All thanks to the simple and tiring work put by law enforcement in the country.

It must be remembered that every state has safe and unsafe areas. Before moving to a neighborhood, looking into crime statistics can help you make a safe and informed decision.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 17, 2021
Sensitive Information!