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Kentucky Criminal Record Expungement: Learn How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Kentucky

In Kentucky, it is legal to go for the expungement of some felony convictions since 2016. It is possible for you to expunge misdemeanors, felony convictions, and arrest records under specific circumstances. Kentucky criminal record expungement clears the mention of an offense from your record for a majority of purposes thus making it simpler to get proper education, housing, or a job.

Your criminal record in Kentucky can be expunged i.e. sealed or erased under the scenarios mentioned below. In case your criminal record gets expunged, it can be concealed from view of the public. In a majority of cases, it will not be compulsory for you to divulge that you were convicted or arrested for a criminal offense.

How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Kentucky
Criminal record expungement Kentucky when not convicted of a criminal offense

In case you were slapped with charges and arrested but not convicted of an offense, you may file a petition for getting a criminal record expunged in Kentucky when:

  1. The court declared you “not guilty’ of the crime
  2. Dismissal of charges with prejudice meaning that they cannot be filed again later, or
  3. You were slapped with felony charges but the grand jury did not indict you

The acquittal or dismissal should not be in lieu of any guilty plea to another crime, as well as, there should not have any other proceedings or charges pending, which relate to that criminal record you wish to expunge.

In case you were acquitted or the charges slapped were dismissed, you may file the expungement petition after waiting for sixty days from the time you were acquitted or dismissed. In case the grand jury received your charges and they did not indict you, the waiting time is 12 months from the date, the district court made a decision to hold the issue to the grand jury.

 Criminal record expungement Kentucky when convicted of a criminal offense

Traffic infractions, violations, and misdemeanors

In case you were convicted of any traffic infraction, violation, or a criminal misdemeanor or multiple misdemeanors, infractions, or violations, the relevant records can be qualified for expungement 5 years after the sentence or probation can be completed, whichever is later. Your records, however, are not qualified for expungement when:

  1. Any criminal proceedings are pending against you
  2. You were convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in the last 5 years, or
  3. The crime you wish to expunge was a crime committed against a victim who was a minor or a sex offense

Class D felonies

These convictions are qualified to be expunged and vacated 5 years after the parole, probation, or sentence has been completed, whichever is later. Your record, though, is not eligible in case:

  1. Criminal proceedings are pending against you
  2. There is already a felony conviction you have had, which is expunged and vacated, or
  3. You were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in the last 5 years

Multiple felonies of type Class D can be expunged and vacated by you in case they popped up from a single incident. Else, you will be permitted to expunge in a single conviction of Class D felony in a lifetime.

Kentucky Criminal Record Expungement

Juvenile criminal records expungement in Kentucky

It is possible to expunge a majority of juvenile misdemeanor convictions in Kentucky if the crime would not be considered a felony in case an adult commits it. On the other hand, it is not possible to expunge juvenile felony convictions. You can file a petition to expunge juvenile crime record in case:

  1. There is no subsequent pending charges, adjudications, or convictions in your name, and
  2. A minimum of 2 years passed since the court finished its jurisdiction/you were released unconditionally

The waiting period of two years can be waived under extraordinary scenarios. In case you require assistance ascertaining your eligibility for expungement in Kentucky, it is better to contact a good expungement lawyer immediately.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 5, 2021
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