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Louisiana Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Louisiana

A criminal record contains various information on a person's criminal history, including arrests, warrants, detainments, penalties, convictions, and more. It is possible to access this information in Louisiana by either directly approaching a court, and applying for access to that information, or by visiting the law enforcement and doing the same, or by visiting the Louisiana State Records Online Database.

In order to find accurate background information about someone, it is important to input all details correctly so that the right report can be accessed. This information gathered, is from various sources such as trial courts, county courts, courts of appeal as well as county and state correctional facilities.

How can You Access Criminal Records in Louisiana?

The online database lets users access a Criminal Background Report that has various information available on an individual's criminal history. Such information may not always be related to convictions and punishments but may also include information on traffic violations and derailments etc.

Louisiana Criminal Records Search

A large portion of information related to criminal activity within Louisiana is stored online and can be accessed through the State Records. However, the amount of information actually available is largely dependant on the information that was stored by various departments in the State. Because of this, the amount of information available can vary from State to State or even department to department.

The information that can be accessed through the Criminal Background Report only concerns crimes and criminal activity within the State of Louisiana. What this means is that if a certain criminal case or information falls outside the State's jurisdiction, then such information cannot be accessed through that State's database and records. If the jurisdiction belongs to the Federal Bureau of Information, then the FBI must be contacted to get access to those files. Similarly, if the crime or criminal activity is related to a state other than Louisiana, then information on that will only be available in the State where it occurred.

What is Included in the Criminal Records Database?

The following information can be accessed through Louisiana's criminal records database:

  • Arrests and Warrants: These include both warrants that were signed either by a Judge or a magistrate that allowed for a criminal to be arrested and detained. It also includes information on the detainment itself, such as whether they were investigated tried and convicted of crimes that fall in the category of felonies, high misdemeanors or other specified kinds of misdemeanors.
State of Louisiana Criminal Records
  • Conviction Records: These are documents that show whether a person pleaded guilty during a certain case, whtehrt they were found guilty or not or whether they pleaded as no contest to criminal charges either in a civilian or a military case.
  • Jail and Inmate Records: These contain information on various inmates. The information stored consists of all inmates that had to serve jail time since this kind of record-keeping started. So the information available is both on past and current inmates.
  • Parole and Probation Records: Such information showcases whether a person was given probation instead of jail time alongside the amount of supervision they were placed in during their probation. It also contains information on inmates who were released before completing their full sentences and placed under supervision outside jail.
  • Traffic Violations: Information on traffic tickets, violations, accidents etc can be accessed online as well. Such information can affect car insurance rates.
  • Juvenile Delinquents: While not technically accessible without good reason, these records still exist even within the online database. Since a juvenile delinquent is technically considered 'adjudicated delinquent', there records stay with the State unless the individual calls for an expungement of those records.
  • Sex offender List: Louisiana requires all sex offenders, that is, people found guilty of engaging in sex crimes, sign up for the Sex Offender List, at least for a period of time. Depending on the severity of the crime, such information may be available longer and even indefinitely.

Louisiana Online Criminal Records Search

Instead of searching for Louisiana criminal records with official authorities, you can perform an online Louisiana criminal records search. With the right directory, you can get access to sex offender registries, arrest records, convictions, and much more. Unlike the traditional search, which can take weeks, an online criminal records search only lasts several minutes; once you enter the name of the person that you are inquiring about into the directory of your choosing, it will provide you with a complete public records report about the said person that includes their entire criminal history.

To access any information related to criminal records that are not available in the online database, it is worthwhile to approach relevant state departments to apply for a search for that information there.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!