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Maine City Crime Rate: Most Committed Crimes and Crime Rate Information for State Maine

Many crimes get committed to every other second. A state can have low or high crime rates. But what is to be accounted for are the cities or even districts that are more prone to criminal activity.

Criminals perform beyond the control of law enforcement and bring misery on the people against whom the crimes are committed.

Maine has a population of 1,335,907 residents who reside in the state.  A person here might fall victim to violent crime by 1 in 826, and for property crimes, the rate is 1 in 66.

Maine violent crimes

Broadly speaking violent crimes are that type of crimes that cause serious bodily injury to the victim. There can be various attacks that can be termed as violent crime. Some examples are homicide, assault, rape, and robbery.

It has been noted that in Maine for every 1000 residents, there are 0.02 murders, rape 0.35, robbery 1.19 and 0.65 assault cases. There had been reports of a total of 23 deaths, 473 rape, 249 cases of theft and 872 cases of assault. Whereas the United States has a record of 17,284, murders, 135,755 rape, robbery 319,356 and 810,825 assault cases were reported.

Maine City Crime Rate

For the residents of Maine, the most troublesome violent crime is assault followed by rape. Murder through not uncommon is lesser than instances of robbery.

Maine property crimes

Many types of property related crimes get committed in Maines. Most of them are in conjunction with other crimes. For example, drug trafficking along with vehicle theft and similar instances.  These crimes are not violent but being criminal activity cause utmost harm to the society and of course the victim.

Maine witnesses for every 1000 residents’ instances of 2.50 burglaries, 11.98 theft, 0.59 motor vehicle theft. It is to be noted that in Maine in last year incidents of 3,334 burglaries, 16,006 theft, 793 motor vehicle theft.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigations concluded that Maines is one of the safest places to live in. Violent and property related crimes are much lesser in the state than any other area in the nation. The safest place for anyone who wants to stay in Maines where crimes are less would be Orono, Gorham, Wells, Cape Elizabeth, and Cumberland. In comparison to these areas, relatively less safe places in Maines are Auburn, Bangor, Portland, Waterville, and Biddeford.

Maine Crime Rate

Other crimes in Maine

Even though it has been noted that Maines is considered a very safe place to stay in the whole of United States, it is to be said that Maines is facing a problem with crimes related to drug abuse. The growing drug abuse is a matter of concern that Maines law enforcement has taken up with important priority. Heroin-related drug abuse cases are common in Maines, and the law enforcement notified that between 2010-2014, heroin-related arrests had gone up by four times. Child abuse and domestic violence case are also getting reported frequently. Based on the crime that gets committed and upon conviction the felony charges are applied, and suitable punishment is given to the convicts.

The crime statistics for Maines projects that crime rates will be much lower than that recorded in Maines. 68.83% decline in violent crime and 32.85% decline in violent crimes is expected in the coming years. These conclusions were reached after carefully surveying the downward crime trend for the past 17 years. 

Lives get affected not just the victim but also the families. It is always good to know the crime rate in the neighborhood you live in.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!