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Maine Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Maine

A criminal record constitutes an official document which has the record of the criminal history of a person. This information is collected from a plethora of sources, including trial courts, courts of appeals, as well as county and state correctional facilities. The State Bureau of Identification is the agency through which requests for checking the criminal history record of a person are processed.

Juvenile Crime Information

Juvenile crime information is the information which records the processing of a minor. This record includes data which are provided by the law-enforcement agencies, the juvenile community corrections officers, the prosecutors of the case, the court where the trial was held, and the correctional facility which housed the minor. However, the criminal history of a juvenile is only recorded if the minor has committed a murder, or a felony under Class A, Class B, or Class C of the Maine Class of Felonies

How to Obtain Crime History

Crime History of any individual can be obtained through a simple request to the Maine State Police Department. There are two kinds of background checks, which are offered for any individual. These include:

Name Based checking

Name-based record checking is a process by which an individual's criminal history can be obtained by simply submitting their name and their date of birth. However, this process is only deemed to be valid if the ten fingerprints of the person are matched with the data that has been submitted. Through this process, records of both adults and juvenile criminals can be found out.

Juvenile Crime Information

Fingerprint Based Checking

This method entails sending a record of the fingerprint of the individual in question. This is a faster method, and results are much more accurate than the first method. Once the fingerprints are submitted to the State Bureau of Identification, the results are sent to the requester via mail.

The records which are sent to the requester only relate to information which up to a year old. Full access to all the criminal history of individuals can only be accessed by public officials.

Details Pertaining to the Record

Once the request of the person has been processed, the details pertaining to the criminal records are released in about two hours via email. However, if the records are fingerprint-based, then it may take some time to reach the person. In addition to this, a person's request may sometimes require a manual intervention because their request may seem a little dubious. In the case of manual interventions, the recorded history of the person may be delayed by an average of 2 weeks.

 State of Maine Criminal Records

The fees pertaining to this entire process may vary, depending on whether the person is a citizen of the state of Maine or not. The requester will only require the full name of the person who records they are looking for and their date of birth. Citizens of the state of Maine will have to pay $21, people who are not citizens of the state of Maine will have to pay $31. In addition to this, there are also options for requesting a notarized report. If any individual wishes to require a notarized report, then they will have to pay an additional non-refundable fee of $10.

With name checks, the problem arises of two people possibly having the same or similar sounding name and date of birth. In such a scenario, it is possible for the wrong record to be sent to the requester. Thus, to mitigate such issues, there is a verification process, which requires matching the fingerprint of the person to the record which is requested.

Maine Online Criminal Records Search

All the data listed above can be obtained in a quicker way – with an online criminal records search for the state of Maine. These days, public directories (that include criminal records) are available to the public, so you can search for people's criminal history online and without having to contact every authority that maintains such records.

To perform an online Maine criminal records search, you need to use a directory that has full access to the state's public records. When using these types of directories, you need to enter the full name of the person that you are inquiring about, and the search engine will do the rest. The Maine online criminal records search lasts several minutes, and at the end of it, you will be provided with the complete criminal history of the said person in the form a report that is based on official public records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 27, 2022
Sensitive Information!