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Maine Domestic Abuse Laws and How to Get Help for Domestic Abuse


An accusation of domestic abuse or violence in Maine can lead to a complaint about restraining/protective order, and/or filing a lawsuit for criminal charges. Both these have the possibility to lead to severe sanctions.

Domestic Abuse Laws in Maine

According to the state’s domestic abuse law, domestic violence/abuse takes place if the accused had assaulted a household/family member. Domestic violence/assault in Maine is referred to as domestic violence assault. Domestic violence may only occur between the following:

  1. Present or former spouses
  2. Former or current domestic partners
  3. Persons formerly or presently living together
  4. Same kid’s natural parents
  5. Adult members of a household having a blood relationship
  6. Minor kids and the adult offender living in the same residence, or persons who were or are sexual partners

Defining Assault in Maine

An individual is held guilty of committing an assault in case:

  1. The person recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally caused offensive physical contact or bodily injury to another individual, or
  2. The individual should be a minimum of 18-year-old and recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally causes physical injury to someone else who is below 6 years

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In Maine, a domestic violence assault is usually a Class D criminal offense. The domestic abuser can be penalized by a maximum fine of 2,000 USD and/or a maximum jail term of 364 days.

Domestic violence terrorizing

An individual is said to have committed this kind of domestic violence when they threaten a household/family member that they intend to commit a violent crime, which is risky for human life and against the household/family member. For an individual to be convicted of this type of domestic violence, the individual who gets the threatening has a reasonable apprehension of the commission of the crime or such a threat leads to the evacuation of public transportation, facility, or building.

Domestic violence criminal threatening

The crime takes place when a person places a household or a family member in the apprehension of being inflicted by imminent physical injury.

Violent reckless conduct

An individual who recklessly generates the potential of a physical injury to a household or a family member is said to be guilty of the commission of this kind of offense.

Criminal Records Maine

Domestic violence stalking

The offense takes place in case an individual commits the offense of stalking a household or a family member in the state of Maine.

In Maine, when a person is convicted for any one of the above crimes, he/she is penalized by a maximum fine of 2,000 USD and a jail term of 364 days. The offense is regarded as a Class D criminal offense.

Protective order

A court in Maine may award a protective or restraining order to the defendant that can forbid them from doing the following:

  1. Holding or owning a firearm.
  2. Abusing, attacking, harassing, or threatening any minor kid or the plaintiff living in the house.
  3. Maintaining any indirect or direct contact with the victim.
  4. Stalking or following the victim or trying to be close to the workplace, business, school, or home of the victim, and
  5. Entering the premises of the home of the plaintiff.

Maine domestic abuse statistics

According to a report by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, the following are some of the major domestic abuse statistics of the state:

  1. One in every 7 men and one in every 4 women have gone through serious physical violence committed by their intimate partner during their lifetime
  2. One in 50 men and one in every 10 women have been stalked by their intimate partner

How to get help for domestic abuse in Maine?

In Maine, victims of domestic violence/abuse can call the statewide helpline for domestic helpline (1-866-834-HELP) to get support.

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