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Michigan Criminal Records: How to Check and Search for Criminal Records in Michigan

A criminal history and background search can be conducted in the State of Michigan either by using a person's name or by using their fingerprints. Searched within Michigan usually, use names unless otherwise specified. The only times when fingerprint searches are preferred over name-based searches are when there is a federal or a state statute preferring the use of a fingerprint search, or when there is a rule in place or an executive order indicating the same.

What Kind of Information can be Obtained Through a Criminal Records Search in Michigan?

Not every detail related to a crime or a criminal can be accessed by running a criminal background check in Michigan. The information that can be accessed is mostly related to felonies or misdemeanors, and arrest and conviction information pertaining to those.

While it is possible to locate the criminal history of a person within Michigan, such information has to do with data on criminal activity within the State and restricted to the State. If a person is looking for information that supersedes the State's authority, such as a case involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then the FBI must be directly approached to obtain such information.

Michigan Criminal Records Search

Other than information on specific crimes such as felonies and misdemeanors, descriptors of the person responsible for the crime are also available through the criminal background and history records.

The State of Michigan also employs a special rule where every case of felony and misdemeanor, where the convicted person was given a jail sentence exceeding 93 days, has to be reported and included in this registry. Such information is gathered from various law enforcement agencies, every court in every county as well as from prosecutors within Michigan.

What Kind of Information is Unavailable Through a Criminal Records Search in Michigan?

Information that has been suppressed by the Court or other legal authorities or information related to warrants cannot be obtained through a simple criminal records search in Michigan. Anyone looking for such information needs a special reason as well as permission to be granted access to such information. They will also have to go to the relevant department and speak to the authorities there.

State of Michigan Criminal Records

Similarly, information related to federal crimes or cases within federal jurisdiction can only be obtained by getting into direct contact with the FBI. Aside from this, cases pertaining to criminal activity in other states are not available through a criminal records search within Michigan. In such cases, the State needs to be directly contacted in order to receive such information.

What is ICHAT and How Does it Help in Searching for Criminal Records in Michigan?

ICHAT stands for 'Internet Criminal History Access Tool' and is the primary way a person can look for criminal records related to crimes in Michigan. This is an online public resource application that lets a user obtain information on a person's criminal history by using their name.

The information provided during the application has to be accurate to ensure the accuracy of results. This is a paid service and the information is made available only after the payment has been processed. Such information is available only as viewable, or printable, and cannot be accessed in any other format. The information is also only available for seven days, and will not be accessible after the seventh day.

Not all information related to criminal activity in Michigan can be accessed using ICHAT. Information that cannot be accessed includes traffic violations, juvenile records, locally-based misdemeanors as well as crimes conducted in States other than Michigan.

Michigan Online Criminal Records Search

Another online method for search Michigan criminal records is via public records search directories; in the U.S., there are certain records, like criminal records, that are available to the public as a matter of public safety. Traditionally, you would have had to contact every authority that maintains public records, but that is no longer the case.

These days, there are public records websites that can provide you with a valuable Michigan online criminal records search service. To use these websites, all you have to do is enter the name of a particular person into their search engine. Afterward, the engine will begin to scan public records in the state of Michigan to find criminal data about the said person. At the end of the query, which lasts several minutes, you will get a report about the person that you were looking for. The report will include official criminal records, so you can find out what crimes people have committed and what lies in their past.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!