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The Law on Kidnapping/Abduction in
Minnesota and its Punishments

Kidnapping takes place when an individual is taken forcefully from their workplace, school, home or any place and confined somewhere so that the victim is not able to escape from. Kidnapping is treated as a criminal offense throughout the USA and even tough offenses and punishments for kidnapping are conditional on the jurisdiction which it occurs in. It is no matter what is the age of a person who is doing the act of kidnapping or abduction. Different states provide different punishments considering the specific situations surrounding the kidnapping or abduction.

In Minnesota, if a person, whose age is below 16, is charged for kidnapping an individual, the person will be punished. On the other hand, if someone kidnaps an individual who is at the age of below 18 (without the permission of the minor’s legal guardian or parents) with the motives of marriage, it is called abduction or kidnapping and it is punishable.

Minnesota Abduction Law

Law on Kidnapping/Abduction in Minnesota

Kidnapping or Abduction is a criminal offense under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 609, Criminal Code and Section 609.25. Usually, kidnapping occurs when someone takes away a victim from one place to another place and confines without his or her consent. If the victim is at below the age of 16 years and the convicted person kidnaps the victim without the consent of the victim’s parents or legal guardian, the charges of the convicted person are as follows.

  • Kidnap the victim for payment of ransom for release or as a hostage or shield
  • Make easy the commission of a flight or felony after
  • Do the harm physically or terrorize the victim or other
  • Keep in involuntary servitude
Minnesota Kidnap Law

Punishments for kidnapping or abduction in Minnesota?

Kidnapping or abduction is considered a felony, but the punishments depend on the way of releasing the kidnapped victim. If the victim is freed or released within a safe place without serious physical harm, the convicted person charged with kidnapping or abduction can get the punishment of imprisonment for maximum 20 years and/or fines maximum $35,000. Moreover, there are some conditions related to the victim and on the basis of these conditions the penalty of the convicted person can be imprisonment for maximum 40 years and/or fines can be maximum $50,000. These conditions are as follows.

  • The victim is at the age of below 16 years.
  • The victim is not freed within a safe place.
  • The victim suffers from great physical harm at the time of the kidnapping.

How a convicted person avoid the punishments for kidnapping or abduction in Minnesota?

The penalties for kidnapping are varied considering the severity of the offense. There are many causes which influence the person to kidnap or abduct another person. Sometimes, a parent of a child gets involved in a custody battle with another parent might abduct or kidnap their child. No matter, the causes of kidnapping, Laws of kidnapping in Minnesota are complicated and that is why you require a kidnapping defense lawyer to assist you to sort it out.

If you are convicted for the criminal charges with kidnapping or abduction, there are the possibilities of penalties such as serious fine, imprisonment and other life-changing consequences. Kidnapping in Minnesota is considered to be a felony within all kinds of situations. With the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you can discuss your required criminal defense and how he or she can help you. Punishments for a kidnapping or abduction conviction include imprisonment for the whole life or without the facilities for parole, restitution, registration of sex offender if there were sexual charges committed at the time of the kidnapping as well as probation.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!