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Mississippi Criminal Records: How to Check and Search Criminal Records in Mississippi

A criminal record contains all information related to an individual's arrest, conviction, and time spent in jail if any. Such information is collected and collated from various sources within the State of Mississippi, including all local, county as well as State jurisdictions, trial courts, and courts of appeals, and both county and state correctional facilities.

In the State of Mississippi, a large portion of this information is kept and maintained within an online repository that can be accessed by people looking for information on criminal records. The information that can be obtained from this repository is known as a Criminal Background Report.

The Criminal Background Report can be obtained from different courts, the police, as well as Mississippi's Criminal State Records Database.

What Kind of Information can be Obtained by Running a Criminal Background Check?

The information available depends on the person and can vary between people. Ultimately, the information obtained is highly dependent on the efficiency and organization of all the different departments and people involved in organizing and storing information pertaining to criminal records in Mississippi.

However, the information being sought must be a part of the contents of the criminal records as allowed by the State. If the information being looked for falls under the categories of the information stored, there is a higher possibility of retrieving that data. Mississippi allows for various kinds of information related to a person's criminal history within the State.

Criminal Arrest Records:

These include information on a person who was questioned, detained, placed in custody or imprisonment in Mississippi. A person who was detained during an investigation can also find that the record here. People charged or convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or similar offense as directed by the State will also find those records within the State's criminal records.

Criminal Arrest Warrants:

These include information on warrants specifically related to criminal cases that were signed by an official representation. Such an official representative, specifically a Judge or a Magistrate, by virtue of signing an arrest warrant, grant the legal authorities the right to question and detain a person of interest in a criminal investigation.

Mississippi Criminal Records Search


Misdemeanors are crimes that can be charged with up to a year in county jail. These offenses are not indictable and their punishments are classified based on a number system in Mississippi. Every person who faced convictions and jail sentences or fines pertaining to a misdemeanor case can find such information within the State's criminal records database.


Felonies are the most severe crimes that a person can be charged within the State of Mississippi. The punishments for these are not distributed into classes, like with misdemeanors. However, all information related to a felony is available within the criminal records of the State.

Criminal Conviction Records:

Such information clearly shows whether a person was convicted of a crime, whether they pleaded guilty to that crime, or whether they pleaded a no contest towards a criminal charge in either a military or a civilian court.

Other information available under criminal conviction records include dishonorable discharges, people who were given probation instead of jail time, fines, parole as well as information on delinquents.

Imprisonment Records:

These include all information on inmates who were convicted and spent time in jail. Such information dates back to when such information was first gathered and continues by recording all information on inmates, even today. The Mississippi Department of Corrections operates a database with such information on inmates within the State.

Parole and Probation Records:

These include information on those people who were given probation instead of jail time or were released before they completed their full sentence on parole. Such information includes specifics related to the case as well, such as how much supervision they were under after release, etc.

Criminal Records Mississippi

Traffic Violations:

All information related to unruly driving or any traffic violation is added to the driver's record. If a person commits various violations or violations of a more severe nature, then this can affect their car insurance rates.

Juvenile Records:

A minor who was arrested and convicted in Mississippi is not technically judged as a criminal, but rather an adjudicated delinquent. Their records are not deleted automatically once they come of legal age, but can be expunged if the person wants them to be and is eligible for the same. Until such expungement, the information will continue to be available within the State's Criminal Records.

Sex Offender Registry:

Mississippi has. a sex offender registry where every person charged with a sex crime has to register their name. Such information is available to the public. This registry is supported by Mississippi's Megan's Law. This law is what led to the creation and continuation of the sex offender registry within Mississippi.

Mississippi Online Criminal Records Search

For those who want to perform a quick public records search for Mississippi criminal records, there are several websites at your disposal that provide this type of background check on people from all over the country. An online Mississippi criminal records search provides results within minutes, and you do not need to fill out forms or wait to get the answers you are searching for.

After you pick a public records search website, you will need to provide it with one detail about the person whose records you want to find. You can use a name-based search, a reverse email lookup, a reverse address search, and a reverse phone number search to find Mississippi criminal records online. As soon as the information is entered into the directory of your choosing, the search will immediately begin, and you will get a full report about the criminal history of the person in question. In that report, you will find the person's name, arrest records, convictions, mugshots, sex offender registries, prison records, and additional data from Mississippi criminal records.  

All of this information and more can be accessed through a criminal records search in Mississippi.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!